The fall months are coming faster than we know and we could not be more excited. As much as us Georgian's love the beachy, humid weather, we are ready for cool breezes, relaxing camping nights and chilly hikes. Lake Rabun Beach has great camping and recreation spots for a great weekend, but it also has amazing hiking trails. 

Angel Falls Trail is one of those trails that is right by the recreation and camping area. It provides your group with something fun to do. If you're just visiting, it's an easy hike to take on a cool day. 

This trail is only 1.75-miles round trip; that will give you a good sweat but will not wear you out for the rest of your day. You will be led to not just one, but two waterfalls on this hike. There are Panther Falls and Angel Falls. 

Lake Rabun is located in the mountains and that is what makes this hike even better. A beautiful hike in the mountains is one you cannot pass up. 

Once you start on your journey, you will cross over a wooden bridge and be met with a set of stone stairs. This is where you might begin to sweat. You will start going up in elevation as you walk up these stairs, but you are one step closer to the falls. 

There are trees with canopy over you throughout the entire adventure, which is nice so the sun is not in your face too much. You'll come to a small ruin that was built sometime in the 20th century. You can get a touch of history and beautiful views at the same time!

The stone wall on this trail was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. This area also makes for a great spot to take a quick break if you need it. You might even hear Panther Falls crashing down at this point. 

Panther Falls is a cascading waterfall that drops into a clear pool of water at the bottom. There are a few rocks and branches that you can rest on and view the falls from there. 

Hiking even more uphill, you will finally be on your way to Angel Falls. Here, there is a wooden platform that you can stand on to view the waterfall, as well as take pictures of it. It is a multi-tiered waterfall, so it is different and more majestic from what you've ever seen before.

If you are looking for more adventures in this area during your trip, you have to go find this short hike to this other huge cascading waterfall. What's better than two waterfalls? Three!

Angel Falls Trail 

Price: $5 per vehicle

Address: 3931 Lake Rabun Rd, Lakemont, GA 30552

Why you should go: This is a short hike that will lead you to two waterfalls. You will walk through a canopy forest and loop back after seeing the falls.