If you find yourself on the beaches of North Carolina, you might see something gigantic lurking in the distance. There is a massive Great White shark just a few miles off the Wilmington and Carolina Beach coast. This is just one shark out of 10 that has made its appearance in the last few weeks.

Ocearch keeps us updated on where the sharks are and their travel patterns. The scientists at Ocearch have put trackers on many sharks, and when they ping, that means they are close to coasts.

Murdoch is the one lurking off this part of North Carolina and he is huge. He comes in at 14 feet and 10 inches, weighing 1,325 pounds. Now that's a big fish. 

He was tagged earlier this year in Nova Scotia and was one of the first to be tagged during this specific expedition. Since Septemeber, he has made his way down the east coast.

From Nova Scotia to the coast of North Carolina, he traveled 1,800 miles, in just two months. He was first pinged near Carolina Beach and Wilmington on Nov. 29, and is still lurking the waters. 

In order to get a tracker on the sharks, each scientist at Ocearch has to tag the shark by hand. This does not harm the sharks, but someone had to get real up close and personal to this 14 foot creature.

If you're not too afraid of sharks, you can actually go open-water diving with them in at the Roanoke Island Aquarium. If you're not a fan of them, you can keep a lookout on the other nine that have been surrounding the state's coast for the past few weeks.