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There's An 125 km Marathon In Canada Called "The Death Race" That Literally Takes Runners Through Hell

For most people a marathon is hard enough but there are a handful of people who like to take it even further. Ultra-marathons are insane 125 km races and one of the world's hardest takes place right here in Canada. 

The Canadian Death Race is an ultra-marathon that takes you through the Rocky Mountains near Edmonton. While no one has died doing yet, it puts runners through hell, literally.

The course takes runners through all sorts of crazy terrain. They have to climb and run down various steep elevations in the mountain, cross creeks and rivers, and trudge through mud bogs. The final leg involves crossing through Hell's Gate, a narrow section of the Fraser River. 

On top of the challenging course is the fact that the different elevations mean the race encounters massive changes in weather from insanely hot to freezing cold. To make matters even worse, the race course is through bear country, which two runners learned the hard way when their training for the Death Race almost became deadly. 

Two runners, Phil Troyer and Lisa Lauzon, were on the actual race trail training for the marathon when they found themselves in the very deadly situation of getting between a mother bear and her cubs. 

The two had bear spray but it was quickly used up and the bears were still attacking, knocking Lauzon to the ground. Troyer then swung and hit the bear in the face with his hiking pole, giving Lauzon time to get back up and begin throwing rocks at the bear. 

The two lucked out and the bear and her cubs retreated back into the woods, but the situation could have been much worse. 

The incident hasn't deterred runners from competing in the race, which will take place from August 3-6. 

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