XXXTentacion passed away after he was shot and killed in South Florida last week. The rapper gained his fame after uploading songs on the streaming service SoundCloud. Many musicians have become famous using SoundCloud because anyone can post their music on the platform. 

XXXTentacion is very well known and after blowing up on Soundcloud, he received a record deal from Empire Distribution. 

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A musician by the name of Nik is claiming that XXX stole one of his tracks and used it illegally. He was even preparing a lawsuit against him for stealing his music before the rapper unexpectedly died. 

The story is a long one with lots of twists and turns. Hold on because this is a crazy story... 

Reddit user @Miolmor posted a long story about how XXXTentacion stole the music from one of his songs and used in his track. Trust me, I was skeptical at first too, but after listening to the songs back to back, it truly seems that XXX ripped off his music. 

Nik claims to be a Russian composer who specializes in instrumental music. He says he began composing over 11 years ago. He also claims that he released a demo entitled "Dreams Are Only Real As Long As They Last" under the name "Aesthesys" in 2008. 

Here is Nik's song. 

Nik claims that XXX released his track "Never" in 2015, which used the music from "Dreams Are Only Real As Long As They Last" illegally. 

Here's XXXTentacion's song.

Now, this is where the story gets a bit messy. Nik claims that he posted his music online he released it under Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND 3.0, which means he encouraged people to download and share his music as long as they 1. Credited him appropriately 2. Did not create any derivative works without his permission and 3. Did not use it to make money.

In this story, Nik claims that XXX broke all three of those rules. 

In 2016, the Reddit user claimed that he found "Never" on Soundcloud and realized that the rapper did not credit him in the song for using his music and created a derivative work using his music. 

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Since "Never" was not monetized on SoundCloud, he decided not to press the matter legally, he simply scolded XXX in the comments section of Soundcloud. For a while, nothing was done and it wasn't until 2017 that this became a major problem. 

In 2017, XXX was signed to Empire Distribution. At this time, Nik attempted to re-post old songs like "Dreams Are Only Real As Long As They Last" on YouTube and wasn't able to because "copyrighted content was found in his video". Yes, YouTube alerted him that the music from his song was already copyrighted and already being used in monetized videos.

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According to this mysterious musician, he's been trying to contact XXX and his team ever since. It does seem suspicious that he's now posting this story after XXX has already passed away. Nik claims that the song "Never" is still monetized and that's what he's concerned about.

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