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There's A Floating Pizzeria In Fiji And It's A True Paradise On Earth

It comes with a fully stacked bar and DJ too 🍺🎶

If we could guess what your two favourite things in life were, we probably wouldn't be wrong if we said 'pizza' and 'paradise'.

Now what would you say if we told you there was a magical place where you could get those two things together? 

It's called Cloud 9, and it's an actual slice of heaven.

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Not only is the perfectly named restaurant/ bar/ raft/ fairytale boat a secluded haven surrounded by nothing but coral and horizon, it also comes with a fully stocked bar, DJ and the option for water sports. Oh, and it's wood fire pizza oven also cooks gluten-free options.

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If you're feeling glutinous after a day of cocktail-drinking and pizza-eating, visitors can dance, jetski, parasail, flyboard and snorkel away the carbs. Or, if you'd prefer to fall into a food coma, day beds and lounge chairs are available on board.

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