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There's A Go-Fund Me Campaign For The Girlfriend Of The YouTuber That Died At Shannon Falls In BC

The account is dedicating to helping Ryker Gamble's girlfriend.
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There's A Go-Fund Me Campaign For The Girlfriend Of The YouTuber That Died At Shannon Falls In BC

On Tuesday, three hikers tragically died at Shannon Falls in British Columbia. 

Earlier today, we reported that Ryker Gamble, a famous social media influencer and YouTuber was identified as one of the hikers.

Later, we found out that the other two hikers that died were Alexey Andriyovych Lyakh and Megan Scraper, who are also YouTubers. 

All three influencers are known for their joint YouTube and Instagram accounts, "High On Life". They're known for posting crazy and daring videos that capture their travels across the world.

Alexey and Megan were a couple that made up half of the Instagram and YouTube account and Ryker and his girlfriend Alissa were the other couple. 

In response to their deaths, there has been an outpouring of support for the Vancouver YouTubers. Someone even started a Go-Fund-Me campaign for Ryker's girlfriend, who is facing a terrible loss.

Alex B. in Coquitlam started the account dedicated to helping Ryker's girlfriend Alissa during this troubling time.

The summary of the Go-Fund-Me page reads as follows, "Ryker was a larger than life energy and it will be felt everyday that he is gone. His love for life was apparent in everything he did, and it was no wonder he fell in love with our amazing Alissa. There isn’t much anyone can say or do in the face of terrible loss and we are never prepared for a tragedy like this. Love and support goes a long way and we just want to make sure Alissa has what she needs to get through this time of grief."

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The page has already reached $9.4k and it's only been up for one day! 

If you'd like to support Alissa, you can find the campaign here

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