There’s A House For Sale In Ontario Right Next To Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin’s Mansion And It’s On A Private Island

The private island cottage is listed for only $729,999.
There’s A House For Sale In Ontario Right Next To Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin’s Mansion And It’s On A Private Island

Justin Bieber officially returned to his Canadian roots with his new wife Hailey Baldwin. A source revealed recently that Justin and Hailey had officially moved into their huge mansion in Canada and are now calling it their permanent home. 

It's Official, Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are Starting A Family In Canada

Justin Bieber bought the massive 9000 square-foot home back in September. It's in Puslinch, Ontario, near Waterloo. The best news in all of this though is that you could actually be Justin and Hailey's new neighbour.

The Biebers' new home is located on Puslinch Lake, a rural area in Cambridge, Ontario. While Justin snagged up a massive piece of the lakefront, you also could own a little slice of paradise there. 

Currently, there is a house for sale on St. Helen's Island, a private island in Puslinch Lake. The island is just over 400 meters away from where Justin and Hailey are living and has a direct line of sight straight to their waterfront property. Beyond the famous neighbours, the house also looks super cool. 

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Not only would you have an entire private island to yourself, but the house is also completely off-the-grid and the ultimate nature escape. Despite being off-the-grid the small home has all the modern essentials you would need. 

Outside, there are two docks off the property, one for your boat and another to sit out on and relax. There's also a spacious yard, back patio area, and treelined shores. 

Then there's the inside of the house. The wood and brick interior gives it the perfect rustic, cozy vibe. The wood burning stove adds to it even more. The small house also has essentially panoramic windows so you have endless lake views - and not to mention endless Justin Bieber views. 

The house has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and an adorable kitchen with up to date appliances including a fridge, oven, and microwave. In terms of power and heat, the house is hooked up with solar panels, a generator, and propane meaning you can go fully off the grid. 

The house is listed for $729,999, which is actually surprisingly affordable considering your would-be neighbour, Justin Bieber dished out $5 million on his house, granted it's much grander and larger. 

The house is on the market now, but who knows how long it will last once people get wind of the superstar living just across the lake. 

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