A Reddit thread has exposed a pretty big scandal, at least to Canadians. According to one user, Tim Horton's Timbits are allegedly about 50% smaller than they used to be. 

The scandal was uncovered after Canadians were innocently marvelling at the notion that the minimum wage in Ontario was nicely keeping up with the price of a Timbit. Canadians were shook though when one user pointed out that the classic snack is a lot smaller than it used to be. 

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Many Canadians are shocked to learn that their favourite coffee retailer has been fooling them with smaller Timbits, and hiding it with the fact that the price of them has stayed steady against the rising minimum wage.  

For others, given the almost too good to be true rate of inflation on Timbits, size was the first question they asked. Their theories were confirmed by this photo which answers it all.

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The photo, which appears to be an old Tim Horton's ad, was shared on Reddit three years ago, but has resurfaced again recently as evidence that Timbits are not what they used to be. 

The timbits in the photo are massive, a fact that everyone who has seen it agrees on, especially compared to the mug, the boy's hand, and his mouth. It is safe to say that the old Timbits would have been at least two-bite sized, while todays are easily one-bite. 

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Given the hard evidence that Timbits are much smaller than they used to be, it is also clear that even the notion that the price of Timbits is much better than it used to be really isn't true if we're getting less bang for our buck!