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There's A Place In Australia Called Canada Bay And It Looks Just Like Canada

Canada Bay is a bay near Sydney, Australia and people couldn't help but notice it bears a very close resemblance to its namesake. 

On a Reddit thread, users have noticed that on a map, the area surrounding Canada Bay looks just like the map of Canada. 

Via Reddit

The outlines may be slightly different but the similarities are glaringly obvious, right down to the positions of the bays. Although the bay is one of the big elements people are noticing for another reason. 

If you look closely at the map of Canada Bay, the outline of the bay itself looks like the shape of a moose. While this sets the two maps apart, it honestly just makes it more Canadian. 

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The name isn't just a coincidence. The bay was actually named in honour of a number of French Canadians who were sent to Australia as prisoners following the 1837 rebellions in Canada. 

While there, the French Canadians did a lot of construction work in the area and helped develop roads and infrastructure. Many street and park names in Canada Bay are also related to this history. 

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The City of Canada Bay was formed from an amalgamation of areas in 2000 and currently has about 88,000 residents living there.