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There's A Provincial Park In Canada That Genuinely Uses A Rock To Do Weather Forecasts And It's Ridiculous

Pancake Bay is like any other provincial park in Ontario with beaches, campsites, and lots of nature to be explored. But aside from it's Caribbean blue waters, the park has one thing that makes it super unique and a little ridiculous.

The park's official weather station genuinely uses just an average rock to provide the forecast.

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The weather station is made up of a rock on a string and a sign explaining how the rock can be used to determine the weather. 

According to the sign, if the rock is hot, then it is probably sunny out, if the rock is wet then it is raining, and finally, if the rock is bouncing that means there's an earthquake.

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The weather station has been getting a lot of attention online lately with people trolling the rock system and adding on jokes like if the rock is missing it's a tornado. Others have said this is the best use of government money ever. 

What people can't deny is that the rock's forecast is always accurate, even if by the time you see the rock it is too late. 

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Pancake Bay Provincial Park is located up north in Batchawana Bay, Ontario, near Sault Ste. Marie and on Lake Superior.