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There's A Tiny Town In Canada Where Citizens Can't Cross The Street Without A Valid Passport

If you've ever driven to the USA you know that crossing the border can be quite an ordeal. You have to wait in often very long lines, clear US Customs, and of course have a valid passport. Well in a Quebec town they have to do all that just to cross the street. 

The town of Stanstead sits on the border with Vermont and one street in particular, Rue Canesa,  goes right along the border. 

One side of the street is officially in Canada, while the other is in America. That means neighbours could be citizens of completely different countries. That obviously makes crossing the street a bit trickier. 

If you are driving down the street it doesn't matter which side you are on, but if you get out of your car or walk across the street then you have to go through US Customs. This means if you don't have a valid passport, or are not allowed to travel to the United States, then you can't cross the street at all. 

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British Youtuber Tom Scott paid a visit to Stanstead. In his video Philippe Dutil, the mayor of the town, said it's gotten harder in the past few years thanks to more regulations around border crossings. 

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He says he used to cross the line everyday, without having to worry about clearing customs, but now with the rules being enforced more heavily in recent years he only goes over once a week. 

The town is a clear example of how some borders make absolutely no sense.