All the way across the country there's a tiny town in Canada called Toronto, but it's absolutely nothing like it's big city namesake Toronto, Ontario. While the big-city Toronto is located in one of Canada's biggest provinces, the tiny-town Toronto is actually in Canada's smallest province. That's right, there's a Toronto in Prince Edward Island. 

Right in the middle of Prince Edward Island, Toronto can be found near the northern shore in a largely rural area, which is a big difference from its super urban counterpart. Like many places in Canada, Toronto, PEI started as a small settlement and was known for its post office.  

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The post office was so important to the settlement, that it was originally called Martin, after the first postmaster there. Unfortunately, the post office only lasted from 1891 to 1914 but the settlement survived and has undergone some major changes since then. 

The first big change to the current name of Toronto, which happened back in 1966. Since then the tiny town has also changed to a civic address community in 2000.  The community is part of Lot 23, which is technically a township. That township is located in Queens County. 

The differences between the two Torontos couldn't be bigger. 

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As a civic address community, the exact population of Toronto, PEI isn't known, but in Lot 23 there are just over 800 residents. With 14 different communities in this township that means Toronto, PEI can't have more than 100 people in it. 

This is a massive contrast between its big-city counterpart. Toronto, Ontario is home to over 2.7 million people. 

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While the Toronto in Ontario is known as "the 6ix" because of its 416 area code, if the same kind of nickname was given to Toronto in PEI it would have to be "the 2wo" since the whole province's area code is 902. 

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Often in Ontario, especially in the GTA, people from smaller towns like to say that they're from Toronto rather than explain to people where they're from. If people in Toronto, PEI wanted to do the same they would likely say North Rustico, since this is one of the bigger towns and it's only six kilometres away.