Newfoundland is known for it's beautiful sceneries, plenty of moose, and laid back way of life. But what you might not have realized is that there is one place in Newfoundland that's also known for it's super-sexualized name. 

Introducing Dildo, Newfoundland, a tiny town with around 1000 people on Trinity Bay. The town has gained some fame for it's very unique name. 

While the town shares the name Dildo with a type of sex toy, it has been around much longer than that. In fact the area has been using the name since the very early 1700s. 

Despite the name's long history, not all its residents are satisfied. Many have faced the obvious struggles you could expect from having to tell people you're from Dildo. In the past residents have even petitioned to change the name all together. 

None the less Dildo remains a popular site for people visiting Newfoundland, who like to take a picture with the town sign. 

Aside from a slight boom in tourism, the town's name has earned them another interesting perk. Dildo is on PornHub's list of 50 places with sexual sounding names. That means residents there can get a free life-time membership to access the adult website's premium content. 

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Other sexy sounding town names in Canada are Come By Chance, also in Newfoundland, Climax, Saskatchewan, and Balls Creek, Nova Scotia.