Even if you haven't see the movie Rebel Without A Cause you probably know who James Dean is. The American actor was a superstar and super dreamy heartthrob. People were obsessed with him. Tragically though, he died at the very young age of 24 in a car crash in 1955. Or did he? 

A recent conspiracy theory suggests otherwise. People believe that James Dean actually faked his death in 1955 and moved to Canada to escape the spotlight. 

James Dean died in April in a car accident..he went to Canada and faked his death because he hated Hollywood..Enty #RevealDay


A conspiracy that emerged recently on Reddit suggests that Dean didn't die in the 1955 car crash, but instead moved to Canada where he died only this year, ironically enough in another car crash in Alberta. 

The theory claims that he hated the fame and people obsessing over him so he made a deal with the studio he worked for to fake his death and he moved up north to live a long and happy life before getting into a car crash at the age of 95. And people believe it. 

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The theory has a lot of elements that make sense. Just this year, an American doctor determined that Dean could have survived the crash easily, especially because he was alive when emergency services got to the scene. Another factor is that there was actually a car crash in Three Hills, Alberta this April that killed a 95-year-old man and injured his elderly female passenger, as the theory suggests. RCMP didn't release the names of those involved. 

However, one major discrepancy is the ages. If James Dean was born in 1931 he would have been only 87 today, not 95 as the theory claims.  

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While people seem to believe the theory, one other element that they can't wrap their heads around is that the theory claims Dean was with his wife in the April crash. Most people don't believe that part because they are fully convinced that Dean was gay.