You Can Go On A Boozy Wine Tasting Tour On This Nevada Lake

You'll find us on the pink flamingo.
There's A Wine Tasting Boat Tour On Lake Tahoe Near Nevada

Can you imagine yourself aboard a charming vintage wooden boat drinking some of California's best wines? Well, we can. This fall, you and your gal pals can go on a boozy wine tasting boat tour on Lake Tahoe near Nevada.

Tahoe Tastings is a one-of-a-kind wine tasting adventure on the beautiful blue waters of Lake Tahoe. This picturesque lake straddles the California and Nevada border, making it an ideal place to visit for those who live in the states nearby. 

We're pretty sure that this is what dreams are made of and we are all ready to set sail. There are two types of tours to choose from, the midday or sunset tour. Both are held Thursday through Sunday. But the midday tours start at 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 

If you live for sunsets, opt for the sunset tour. Due to early sunset times in fall, the tours start at 4:30 p.m. in October. A midday tour will cost $65 per person, while sunset tours are $95 per person. All we know is that for under $100, you can cruise and relax on the water, sample 8 different wines, and take in the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe. 

While you're cruising on the charming Golden Rose, you'll be able to snap some gorgeous photos aboard the vessel. Both types of tours last around 2-hours and you'll ride along Emerald Bay and all the way back to Vikingsholm.  

It's possible there may be boat traffic, so tours can run longer but we're not complaining. 

Do you know what pairs perfectly with wine? Cheese platters.

You can pre-order Imported and Domestic Cheese Platters for your cruise. It's served with fresh and dried fruit, olives, salami, crackers, and of course, cheese. Make sure you pre-order at least 48-hours in advance, if not, it's possible that the platter won't be guaranteed. 

There are still tours available in October, with a couple of dates into November. Private tours are also available and are perfect for an anniversary date or bachelorette party. You can find more information here

It's important to note that you'll need a designated driver when the tour is over, so plan accordingly. Whether you're chasing waterfalls on this California hike or passing through Las Vegas to hang out in the most chill bar ever, this boozy wine tasting tour is a dreamy experience for everyone. 

Tahoe Tastings 

Price: Daily tours price ranges from $65-$95 per person

Hours: Open May - Early November, with various hours

Location: 2435 Venice Dr, South Lake Tahoe, California 96150

Why you should go: You can sip fine wine aboard a charming wooden boat. You'll have breathtaking mountain views too.