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There's An Actual Canadian Political Party That's Only Goal Was To Get A 4 Day Work Week And It's Honestly Hilarious

The topic of Canadian politics has quickly become as polarizing of a topic as it's been in the States ever since their last election. Though, if you thought that most Canadian parties are one in the same at the end of the day, you couldn't be more wrong, that is, at least when it comes to one certain Canadian party. 

What was so special about this party in particular? Their main goal was to get Canadians one of the most unanimously desired laws: a 4 day work week. 

Via Work Less Party

The party in question was called the Work Less Party, WLP for short and was created by a man named Conrad Schmidt from British Columbia. While Schmidt created the party in 2003, it wasn't until 2007 that the WLP was able to register with Elections Canada to become a legit party at the federal level. 

As assumed, one of the biggest aspects of the Work Less Party's platform was to reduce the 40 hour work week to 32 hours, giving Canadians 4 days on and 3 days off. Apart from that the WLP also believed in anti-consumerism, reducing Canada's carbon footprint, increasing the minimum wage, pushing for a decentralized government, and promoting cultural activities to promote Canada's identity within its own communities. 

Now while you may be thinking this party sounds like they've got some pretty great ideas, unfortunately, they don't technically exist anymore. The Work Less Party was dissolved back in 2010 when they voluntarily de-registered as a party. Though the party is still active, they just aren't officially registered at the federal level anymore. 

Though if you thought that the WLP was your only chance at getting a 4 day work week, there is some hope left. Due to economics experts claiming Canadians would benefit from a shorter work week and Canadians rallying together to prove the shift would have a positive effect, there is a possibility we could see a 32 hour work week in the future. 

Until then, we'll have to continue struggling through our usual 9-5 for 5 days instead of 4. On the bright side though, Canadians have never had a better case for a 4 day work week, all we need is for the government to agree! 

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