A litter of seven shaggy puppies were found on an empty island in Manitoba - nobody knows where they came from or how they got there, but it's the most fascinating and adorable discovery we've ever heard of.

According to CBC, two boaters on Manitoba's Cross Lake heard noises coming from the island. Originally, the boaters thought it was a pack of wolves. The next day, the boaters went to island to track down the source of the noise. 

They arrived to find a litter of four-month-old puppies, four boys and three girls.  The puppies were starving, and had clearly been abandoned with no mother in sight. The boaters gave them whatever food they had, and immediately called Norway House Animal Rescue in Winnipeg.

Norway House Animal Rescue has posted several videos of the island-dwelling puppies on their Facebook page. One video shows the boaters feeding them a bag of food, which they reportedly consumed in just one day.

According to their latest post, the puppies have now been transported off the island and are on the several-hour journey to the shelter in Winnipeg. Norway House named the rescue mission, "Operation Giligan's Island."

The puppies seemed "terrified" of people at first, but have since gotten better. They'll be put up for adoption by Winnipeg Pet Rescue.

You can help the puppies and their rescuers by donating to Norway House Animal Rescue via PayPal at Norwayhouseanimalrescue@gmail.com.

Source: CBC