Dr. Theresa Tam Is Getting Love On Twitter In Response To A Petition To Fire Her

#IStandWithDrTam is trending.
Theresa Tam Is Getting Messages Of Support On Twitter With A Hashtag
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, new things are constantly popping up on social media, including hashtags in support of public health officials. Theresa Tam is getting some love on Twitter with a hashtag dedicated specifically to supporting her.

Each day, Dr. Tam and other Canadian officials address Canadians about the state of the virus in our country.

During the day on April 18, #IStandWithDrTam actually trended on Twitter after people started tweeting kind things about her and messages to her with the hashtag.

Those included tweets about her calmness and intelligence as she addresses Canadians every day.

The point of the hashtag and tweets is to show support and love for Canada's Chief Public Health Officer.

All of this happened in response to a petition for Dr. Tam to be fired, launched by Rebel News on April 16.

In one of the many tweets of support for Tam, someone said that she "has been doing an exceptional job, all the while maintaining her professionalism and calm demeanour."

"She is impressive in her knowledge, calmness and level-headedness," another said.

One person also thanked Dr. Tam "for keeping Canadians updated and informed about the virus."

Even Green Party leader Elizabeth May used the hashtag in a tweet about physical distancing. 

Another person tweeted that "Dr. Tam and all health workers need our support."

Another said she gives a "clear, concise, calm delivery of the information that Canadians need."

"Happy to have an excuse to publicly support Dr. Tam, who is doing an excellent job in difficult circumstances," someone else said.

In a press conference on April 17, Andrew Scheer said, "we have concerns with the accuracy of the information and the directions that are coming out of Health Canada."

Though he did note that he doesn't believe Dr. Tam should be scapegoated for decisions made by the government.

On April 13, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney had criticized Dr. Tam and accused her of just repeating messages coming from China when it comes to COVID-19.

A day earlier, he also said that he directed officials to consider using tests, vaccines, or medications even if Health Canada hasn't approved them.

Dr. Tam has been Canada's Chief Public Health Officer since 2017.

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