Canada is the it-girl on the world travel stage. We’ve got all the mountains, lakes, oceans and forests you could possibly want, we get an A+ for multiculturalism and we’re pretty friendly to boot. Each corner of our massive country has its own distinct vibe and local quirks for visitors to discover.

Curious about what are most welcoming cities in the world’s most welcoming country? Popular hotel site shared its list of the most welcoming places in Canada according to their guest reviews from 2018. These insights offer us a unique look at our country through the eyes of visitors from around the world gave out more than 2,200 awards to hotels and accommodations that consistently provided outstanding guest experiences. Recipients of a 2018 Guest Review Award are considered to be a welcoming property. Guests were invited to rate their experience in six different categories: cleanliness, comfort, location, facilities, staff and value for money. The highest rated accommodations are deemed the most welcoming!

Every day, there are over 1.5 million stays being reserved on The reviews are always done after checkout and are never edited by, so the result is an authentic sense of their experience and an indication of how welcomed guests felt in that area of Canada.

Here the 10 Canadian cities that stood out as the most welcoming places in Canada. 

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Niagara on the Lake

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There you have it! The 10 most welcoming cities in Canada. Noticeably missing from this list are Montreal and Edmonton. Try and smile more, guys!

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