These 10 Toronto Restaurants Are Perfect For People Who Love Eggs

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These 10 Toronto Restaurants Are Perfect For People Who Love Eggs

Maybe it was the breakfast staple you grew up on as a kid. Or maybe it was brilliantly prepared Scotch egg hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party. However your enthusiasm for eggs began, it ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Not only are they tasty, eggs are incredibly nutritious, too. Eggs are a whole and unprocessed source of high-quality protein, which help to build muscles and maintain a healthy immune system. All of this packed into an easy-to-make ingredient makes eggs one of the best health-friendly purchases you can make at the grocery store, while still being friendly to your wallet.

Eggs are an easy go-to meal that you can prepare in minutes and will keep you full. But what about those days when you feel like getting out and exploring the city while still enjoying your fave breakfast companion?We’ve got you covered with our top 10 Toronto restaurants for egg lovers. Let’s get cracking!

1. The Good Fork // 1550 Dundas St. W

Owned by Tolga and Ali, two brothers from Turkey, The Good Fork is inspired by both Toronto and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. The "Not yo mama's eggs" menu boasts options like the hummus bowl with grilled veggies, great for those who follow a nutrient-dense flexitarian or vegetarian diet. You can also try the Anatolian delight – a perfect lunch of lentil soup with a poached egg on top, served with sesame pita.

2. Egg Bae // 189 Augusta Ave.

Egg Bae is the answer to your egg sandwich craving.

Located in Kensington market and inspired by Asian food stalls that make one thing really, really well: they’ve perfected the art of the gourmet egg sandwich. Their Egg Bae sandwich combines scrambled eggs with chives, cheese, slow cooked onions and a “bae” sauce. There are also options for other protein-filled sandwiches, which include toppings like bacon, avocado, pork belly and fried tofu. Yum!

3. The Senator // 249 Victoria St.

The oldest restaurant in Toronto in continuous operation, The Senator features fixtures from the 1940s as well as really great omelettes and a delicious eggs benny. Not only are they delicious, they are packed with protein and flavour! Try the Senator Omelette with sautéed mushrooms, onions, peppers and housemade chilli sauce or the smoked salmon omelette with goat cheese and toast.

4. Mangia & Bevi // 260 King St. E

At Mangia & Bevi, egg lovers can try an interesting twist on an Italian classic with the option to add an egg - and a boost of protein and flavour - onto any of their pizzas. Their pizza menu is extensive, ranging from classic margherita to 4 formaggi, so there are lots of flavour combinations to go with that creamy yolk on top. Even better, that one egg contains 14 important nutrients like protein, choline and Vitamin D.

5. Jules Bistro // 924 Queen St. W

A French restaurant that features Nicoise Traditionelle – a salad with mixed greens, egg, flaked tuna and other veggies. They also have an extensive variety of quiche, from Lorraine, to ratatouille and goat cheese, to asparagus and bacon, or leek and caramelized onion.

6. Impact Kitchen // 573 King St. E

Impact Kitchen focuses on creating healthy meals with several gluten-free and vegetarian options. For brunch, try an Impact Benny – two poached eggs on zucchini fritters instead of the usual English muffin. Visiting for lunch or dinner? The Harvest power bowl is loaded with nutrient-dense ingredients, including quinoa, roasted Brussels sprouts, egg and tasty veggies. Studies actually show that our bodies better absorb nutrients from veggies when eggs are eaten with them!

7. Bonjour Brioche // 812 Queen St. E

Tucked away on a corner in charming Riverside, Bonjour Brioche has been an east end favourite for years. Come here for a great selection of omelettes served with mixed greens in a cozy little bakery. The high-quality protein in eggs helps build muscle and keep your body strong, making this an ideal stop after your morning workout. Keep in mind when you go that Bonjour Brioche is cash only!

8. Early Bird // 613 Queen St. W

You know what they say: the early bird gets the… brunch? Get your fix while relaxing with a coffee in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world (at least according to Vogue). At Early Bird on Queen West, you can enjoy a variety of beautifully presented dishes, ranging from breakfast bowls, to creamy scrambled eggs with crème fraiche and sourdough, to eggs benny and shakshuka. Choose an avocado add-on for a boost of heart-healthy fat to your dish!

9. Saving Grace // 907 Dundas St. W

A popular brunch destination near Trinity Bellwoods park, Saving Grace’s trendiness means there might be a line for a table. But trust us – it’s worth the wait for their Rajastani eggs. Served piping hot with spicy red onion tomato chickpea masala (and bread for soaking up the sauce), they’re the perfect way to boost your protein and wake up your taste buds on a Saturday morning.

10. Kinton Ramen // 51 Baldwin St.

There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of soup on a winter’s day, made even better with a seasoned egg on top. Visit one of Kinton Ramen’s several Toronto locations for a traditional Japanese noodle dish served with meat, veggies and a seasoned hard-boiled egg.

With so many options all over the city, it shouldn’t be hard to find a spot that serves these tasty little hits of protein and nutrients eggs-actly how you like them.

Sometimes though, it’s nice to stay in, too. Eggs are a great solution to a quick and nutritious meal that can be ready in minutes. Whether it’s meal prepping hardboiled eggs for weekday meals and snacks, or creating an egg salad to add to a sandwich for a weekend lunch, there are dozens of ways you can make eggs at home.

For recipes for everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, including power bowls, soups, salads, frittatas, shakshuka and more, check out the Get Cracking website.