As summer comes to a close most of us have already cashed in some well earned vacation days or have made the most of the summer break to go travel. While gone, you might have experienced some of the downfalls of tourist season - aka overcrowding, long line ups, and general congestion. All things that take away from the authentic travel experience. So next time, if you're trying to avoid the crowd or just want to do something different and new maybe take a look at the paths least travelled. 

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) put out a report recently on the 2017 global tourism stats. While the countries that topped the lists weren't all that surprising - France, USA, Spain, China, Italy; the country that ranks the least travelled were actually shocking.  

After doing some digging we found that some of the least popular destinations are actually some of the most beautiful hidden gems tucked around the world. From beautiful white sandy beaches and exotic rainforests to hidden waterfalls and crystal clear lagoons- these islands promise to give you an experience unlike any other. 

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Tuvalu // 1,000 tourists a year 

This tiny Polynesian paradise is located in the south Pacific Ocean. It's roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia, and just two hours north of Fiji. With white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters, this island is truly a hidden gem worth adding to your vacation bucket list. Also, our favourite royal couple William and Kate made a stop over on Tuvalu and it looked like they had the absolute best time.

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Kiribati // 5,000 tourists a year 

Kiribati Island is found in the central Pacific Ocean clumped in with a group of other small islands known as the Line Islands. Many of the small islands that make up Kiribati are uninhabited so if you're looking for somewhere private or just want to fish, dive, or bird watch undisturbed, this is the place for you. For any beach bums out there, Kiribati also offers beautiful blue lagoons and white sand beaches.

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Montserrat // 7000 tourists a year 

Montserrat is described as a mountainous Caribbean island and can be found between the British Virgin Islands and St. Lucia. Volcanic eruptions in 2010 caused many residents to flee Montserrat but the new development on the and the island plus its natural beauty has many coming back in recent years.

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São Tomé and Príncipe // 8000 tourists a year

São Tomé and Príncipe is an African island nation found close to the equator. The islands are hot and humid with average yearly temperatures of about 27 °C and are home to large variety of rare birds and plants only found on the islands. With its beautiful rock and coral formations, rainforests and beaches a trip here will treat you to a little bit of everything.

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Comoros // 15,000 tourists a year 

Comoros is located off of Africa’s east coast, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.The largest island in Comoros is surrounded by beaches and old lava from the active Mt. Karthala volcano. The islands are made up of steep mountains and small hills, making it ideal for hiking and biking. It is also ideal for deep-sea diving and snorkelling, so all adventurers take note.