These 7 Canadian Influencers Are Actually Making A Living From Social Media

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These 7 Canadian Influencers Are Actually Making A Living From Social Media
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Whether you work behind a bar or behind a desk, you've probably -- on multiple occasions -- spent a good part of your shift daydreaming about quitting your job and doing something else. Something that fulfills you. 

If you were at this point in your life about 10 years ago, that job would have been something along the lines of an actor, writer, or astronaut. You know, classic dream jobs. But the era of social media is well and truly here guys, and with it comes social media influencers -- and everyone desperately wanting to be one. 

You'd be hard-pressed to find someonewho hasn't felt the urge to try their hand at sharing their life with the world in the hopes of making it big on Instagram. And who can blame them? Today's social influencers are raking in the big bucks and garnering the attention of some of the world's biggest brands. 

Whether you want to inspire people with your fitness goals, build a fashion empire or just showcase your insanely cool life to your thousands of followers, social media has proven itself as an extremely successful platform to monetize your online success. And in 2019, there are tons of resources to help you get started.

Need some inspiration? Let these 7 mega-successful Canadian hustlers show you how it's done.

Ana Cruz

Montreal lifestyle blogger Ana Cruz is the perfect source for local fashion and beauty. Her website, showcases her best tips on how to slay it in the fashion world and track down the lastest beauty trends. (Oh, and PS? Her expertise in social media has also allowed her to open up her own creative agency, Studio Kreativ!). 

Ana's personal .CA domain allows her to reach beyond the limitations of Instagram and offer her tips and tricks on a stunning lifestyle blog. Plus, she's able to share her favourite products and experiences with her followers through brand collaborations.

Natalie Ho

Natalie is a DIY fashionista queen. Her personal .CA lifestyle blog,, is a haven for the DIY obsessed. Often sharing fashion and home decor projects, Toronto-based Natalie inspires and encourages creativity amongst her readers and fans.

Through her website and Instagram,@mylittlesecrets_ca, which has a 23 thousand-strong follower base, Natalie has successfully developed her own personal brand

Kristina Lynne

Have an interest in design? Check out Kristina Lynne's personal blog, The Edmonton born and raised blogger has a wealth of knowledge in interior design, style, travel and literature, and inspires her followers through her personal blog's designs, ideas, photos and creations. 

Her Instagram, @bykristinalynne, has a fan base following just shy of 20 thousand and is full of inspiring interior design photos that would make even Martha Stewart jealous.

Jennifer Catherine

Toronto's JenCatBeauty is known city-wide (and beyond) as the go-to for all things beauty through her Instagram page and website, From beauty tips to cosmetic favs and incredible makeup giveaways, Jennifer's love for cosmetics is evident in her Instagram and on her personal .CA website.

Between product reviews, affordable dupes tips, and blog posts that cover everything from dating to travel, Jen has successfully built her brand online and is reaping the benefits. 

Nicole Rae

Hamilton-born blonde Nicole Rae is an accomplished blogger an influencer, with over 19 thousand followers on her Instagram account to date. Her feed is full of dreamy lifestyle content, fun collabs and awesome product recommendations.

Her website,, offers readers trustful, in-depth beauty product reviews, detailed blog posts and lifestyle content that keeps Canadians coming back time and time again!

Nelia Belkova

Current Torontonian and ex-Texan, Nelia's Canadian website,, was born out of her love for all things stylish and fashionable.

Having begun as a street style blog with the intent of capturing Toronto's most stylish moments, Style Blog evolved into a lifestyle and fashion blog offering beauty and style tips. Now, Nelia uses her personal .CA lifestyle and 6,000-strong Instagram following to build her brand online.

Gracie Carroll 

Gracie Carroll is the face of Toronto-based fashion and lifestyle blog, The inspiring, stylish lifestyle guide is totally relatable to the badass women of today, and if you're looking to be your best self, Gracie's blog is where you'll want to be. 

Through her personal .CA website, Gracie educates her followers on everything from fashion to food and travel to fitness. She's a great example of how social media and a .CA domain can catapult your social presence and make you your most successful self. 

So let's get real for a minute: If after reading these influencers' inspiring stories you feel inclined to craft your own personal brand and embark on a similar, thrilling digital journey, you're totally not alone. So where do you start?

Successful branding starts with exposure, and when you have a .CA website, you have the ultimate ingredient in creating a recipe for success: A one-stop shop where Canadians can find you, read your story and follow your success. Don't know where to start? Luckily 2019 is full of tons of resources to help you out and Digital Me's ebook is a key place to start. It's full of expert tips and advice on how to grow your own personal brand!

Highlighting your Canadian roots and building your personal brand by maintaining a trusted .CA domain is vital in starting your successful online career. It's your most diverse and far-reaching official platform, and you won't want to start without one. 

Visit the .CA Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep up with all the latest news!

Jennifer Browne
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer
Jennifer Browne is a Sponsored Content Contributing Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Vancouver, Canada.