It’s always a pleasure in the days leading up to your trip to make a list of what clothing and shoes you’ll pack in your check-in luggage for your destination. So go ahead and make and remake that list! But what you pack in your carry-on bag is another list altogether. It’s a modified version of thequestion: what would you bring to a desert island? Here’s a reminder about the nature of desert islands: they have no power outlets. The desert island in this case is the 24 hours that await you after you leave your home to the airport.Once you pass through security - without your bottle of water - you want peace of mind in the waiting lounge and during the flight. You want to be ready for the unexpected. Ask yourself what you would need to keep your mind occupied while stuck in your window seat beside a six- foot-seven basketball player with a baby as your plane waits on the tarmac - for an undetermined amount of time. We generally rely on our electronic devices at these times for entertainment and communication, but you may want to consider old-school pen-and-paper sudoku or crosswords in place of an electronic game - in case the wait is long and your device runs out of juice.

Next, you want to consider the possibility of arriving at your destination without your checked luggage. It happens sometimes, but less and less often. Nowadays with bar-coded and RFID- enabled tags, baggage is not likely to get “lost”, but in rare cases, it may be “delayed”.

You want your carry-on bag to contain the basics you need to you enjoy your first day and night at your destination worry free. Remember the boy scout motto: always be prepared. Particularly if you’re traveling in winter. Imagine arriving at an airport to catch your connecting flight, only to find it’s been snowed in. You may have to trade the mojito at the Varadero resort pool bar you’d been looking forward to for a bloody caesar at the bar of an airport hotel (PS, fun little Canada fact: The Bloody Caesar cocktail was actually invented in Calgary!).

Finally, aside from your carry-on, consider “wear-on”. You’ll want to layer up for the cool air of the plane, so your outer layer and a pull-over, hoodie or sweater will also serve you for cool evenings at your tropical resort. Consider your other layers to complement the clothing items in your carry-on bag. Also, don’t forget to plan your pockets. You’ll want to keep your passport and wallet on you, but you’ve also got room for a pack of gum, pen, headphones and other small items. Lots of information to take in? Fear not! FlightHub has created this handy checklist so you can have your information at the ready!

1. Your cellphone and any other electronic device.

With their chargers, already charged to 100% and ready to display any essential ticket or travel information. Plus any playlists, movies or shows, or other entertainment already downloaded and ready to enjoy. Some airlines require you to download their entertainment app prior to takeoff, so check beforehand to avoid seeing everyone around you enjoying the latest release while you try to sneak a peek over their shoulder. But, don’t count only on your electronics!

2. Old-school, handheld paper and print entertainment.

Such as a novel, magazine or sudoku book. Why not see this trip as an opportunity to slow down and get away, or get your kids away from the all-encompassing digital world, and rediscover the pleasure of imagination.

3. Passport and wallet, plus other essential paper documentation.

Consider printing your ticket and other travel information as back-up!

4. Any valuable items

Such as a camera or laptop, that could get stolen from your luggage.

5. A toiletry bag.

It should include any medication you need, plus wet wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste for quickly freshening up.

6. One change of clothes

It should complement your “wear-on” for the first day and night at your destination, in case of luggage delay. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

7. A snack.

In case of delays and waits, and to save on airport food.

For total peace of mind, charge your devices overnight and pack the rest of your carry-on items in your bag the night before. Thus, in the morning, you’ll wake with a clear mind, ready to tackle the immediate details that lay ahead, like leaving your doors and windows locked, turning down the heat, feeding your cat so it’s relaxed until the cat sitter arrives, and arranging timely transportation to the airport.

Now at FlightHub and JustFly - before you buy - you can find out the baggage restrictions on the flight or flights you’re taking to and from your dream destination with their new new Baggage Information offer. This new offer is part of its mission to make sure you have all the information you need, so that like a good boy or girl scout, you can always be prepared!

When you arrive at a deal on a flight or combination of flights, you’ll not only find the practical information such as time of departure, and of course price, you’ll see a prominent link to “Baggage Information”. There you’ll find everything you need to know about how many pieces of baggage you can bring, size and weight restrictions, and of course any charges. Being informed and planning ahead will help you avoid any surprises at the airport and can help mitigate any unforeseen circumstances that could arise along your journey.