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These Are All Of The Hidden Messages You Missed In Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Music Video

Ariana Grande just dropped the music video we've all been waiting for. Whether you weren't a fan of hers before or you've loved her since her Victorious days, this music video just proves she's a legend. We all kind of knew that, though. Ariana dropped her iconic music video for Thank U, Next just an hour ago and it already has half a million views. 

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While she gave us a little teaser the other day, we all were not prepared for the actual video. The video, which parodies Bring It On, 13 Going On 30, Mean Girls, and Legally Blonde, is truly a work of art. However, there were definitely some hidden messages in the video that you missed. Let me spill some tea for you. 

"Sry I Dipped"

Via YouTube

While pretending to play Regina George in Mean Girls, laying on her bed with the 'burn book', Ariana can be seen flipping through pages of her exes. While it's definitely not a burn book, it's more of a book thanking them. Hense the song. But you may have missed where it says "Sry I dipped" on Pete Davidson's page.

What does this mean exactly? Well, the two broke it off in October after a whirlwind engagement. Her ex Mac Miller also sadly passed away at the beginning of September, so this may mean the Ariana was the one who broke it off, as she needed to be by herself for a little.

"To Ari, From Ari"

Via YouTube

Self love is so important. And obviously what this song is about. Just when you think this boy she's brushing with is going to be her next thing, she decides to make herself her own mixtape. Honestly, goals!

Thank U, Next High School?

Via YouTube

While pretending to be the Rancho Carne Toros and the Clovers from Bring It On, there was a slight change to the Toros costumes. Notice anything? It says TUN on the uniforms which obviously stands for Thank U, Next. Imagine a high school called Thank U, Next? That's probably the only way I'd go back to high school.

7 Rings

Via YouTube

While transforming from Jenna Rink to Elle Woods in her music video, Ariana can be seen driving a sleek black convertible with the license plate that spells out '7 Rings'. Ariana tweeted the other day asking the fans if they liked the music for her music video trailer, which is said to be called 7 Rings. You can view a preview of it here, and I'm assuming it may be her next single!

Some Political Shade

Via YouTube

Ariana isn't just recreating Elle Woods for no reason. She wants it to be known that she knows what's going on in the world. If you zoom in realllly close, you can see the book she's reading says 'Immigration and Refuge Law And Policy'. What does this mean, exactly? Well, immigrants in the states are being banned and forced back to their countries, and the divide in the US right now. It's really great to see Ariana Grande stand up for this in a music video that will be seen by, well, probably billions.

If you haven't seen the music video and are curious, you can watch it below.

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