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These Are All The Items You Need To Try At McDonald's On May 8 And Here's Why

Satisfy your cravings while helping more than 25,000 Canadian families.

Nearly everyone has enjoyed a lifelong relationship with McDonald’s. Whether you frequent the restaurant giant on an on-again-off-again basis, or you’ve been a loyal guest since your Happy Meal days, I think it’s safe to admit that McD’s holds a special place in all of our hearts and stomachs alike. Not sure when you’re gonna be paying a visit to the Golden Arches next? Well, add “McDonald’s” to your Google Calendar for Wednesday, May 8 – McHappy Day is back!

What is McHappy Day? It’s McDonald’s annual fundraising tradition, celebrating its 26th year at 1,400 locations all across Canada. With the order of select menu items, $1 will be donated towards the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and children’s charities nationwide. While McD’s may be your go-to for a lil treat, you now have even more reason to love them, besides their classic burgers!

Ronald McDonald House Charities has helped make monumental differences in the lives of many families all over the country – families like the Warkentin’s, who found out that their newborn baby Rylee would need to be transferred to a hospital far from home to receive specialized care immediately after she was born. This news left them scrambling to figure out how they were going to adapt their lives to care for her.

"How will we do this? Being away from home for so long? We knew driving back and forth was out of the picture. I wanted to be with her. It was never a thought to leave her alone. Wherever she was, I was.”

Rylee’s family was introduced to the Ronald McDonald House Southwestern Ontario, where they were greeted with open arms by amazing staff and were given a place to stay together as a family while Rylee received treatment at a nearby hospital. RMHC quickly became a place of comfort, and in the words of Rylee’s mom “with RMHC, all the fear went away,” and to her, RMHC felt “like home.” In short, contributing to RMHC is directly helping the lives of families who truly need the support – and you too can be a part of that change.

How can you participate? It’s simple: Treat yourself to your favourite McD’s menu item on Wednesday May 8 and help support families and children in need all across Canada. Here are the menu items that you need to try this McHappy Day at your local McDonald’s restaurant to participate in the celebrations.

On McHappy Day, $1 from every classic Big Mac, legendary Happy Meal and hot McCafé beverage sold goes to Ronald McDonald House and local children’s charities across Canada. These menu items are perfect for anyone - but especially if you're in the mood to score a Happy Meal toy for your kid (or yourself).

If you're craving a tasty drink, any McCafé Hot Beverage also counts! And, trust, their Premium Roast coffee and specialty coffees are the best way to start your morning. Feeling fancy? You can also order a cappuccino, latte, or even a hot chocolate. Remember, every hot beverage ordered means one more dollar to the RMHC!

This year, for the first time ever, McDonald’s teamed up with homegrown Canadian clothing brand Peace Collective to bring the official McHappy collection to you. Stop by any participating McDonald’s restaurant Wednesday May 8 to purchase McHappy Day x Peace Collective x McHappy Day swag - with all proceeds going to charity.

Want to show your support even further? We encourage you to take to social media and post whether you’ll be ordering a Big Mac, a Happy Meal, or a hot McCafé beverage on McHappy Day with #mypledge and #mchappyday. If you aren’t able to get to a restaurant in-person on May 8, no sweat; opt for McDelivery through either Uber Eats or SkipTheDishes.

Keep an eye out for our Instagram to see how we’re going to pledge – and we’re going to help you make yours.

Check out the RMHC website to learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities, and don’t forget to head to McDonald’s for McHappy Day on May 8 to make a difference!