All The Cannabis Stores Open For Business On October 17th In Canada By Province

While all locations may not be open, you will be able to grab marijuana from multiple stores across Canada on Wednesday!
All The Cannabis Stores Open For Business On October 17th In Canada By Province

In June of 2018, the Government of Canada finally passed the bill to legalize cannabis and Canadians were immediately excited. Now, after waiting five long months we're only two days away from the legalization date of October 17th. 

With only a couple of days to go, it's only a matter of time before Canadians are able to purchase cannabis products online and in stores across the country. 

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The rules surrounding cannabis consumption differ from province to province but no matter what Canadians will be allowed to legally get high once the clock strikes 12:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Still, there is some debate on where it will be available to purchase. 

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If you're curious as to where you can grab your weed this week, then no need to look any further. We created a guide to make it crystal clear for Canadians who are looking to enjoy some cannabis on legalization day. 

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Here is where you can pick up cannabis this Wednesday depending on your province: 

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British Columbia 

If you're looking to pick up cannabis in BC then you may be disappointed to find out that only one store will be open on October 17th. While the province has received 173 applications for cannabis retail stores, only a single retailer will be open on Wednesday in the city of Kamloops.

Don't worry if you're not in the Kamloops area though! According to the Cape Breton Post, there is no definite timeline currently, applications will be approved for more retailers to open in the coming months.

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Luckily for Albertans, there will be over 10 locations to choose from in three different cities when it comes to cannabis shops. After legalization day the province may role out more stores at a later day.

You can expect to visit one of six shops in Edmonton, with an additional three retailers in Medicine Hat and two more in Calgary, according to Global News.

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One of the most prepared provinces for cannabis legalization is Saskatchewan with 51 shops approved to open, but October 17th will be a bit disappointing for those looking to pick up.

Only four shops will be open on October 17th and none are opening in the province's capital of Regina. The Star Phenoix did confirm that those living in Saskatchewan can grab weed in Yorkton, both Battleford and North Battleford, plus the Rural Municipality of Edenwold, just outside of Regina.

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Four cannabis companies have around 30 stores across the province stocked for legalization day on October 17th in Manitoba according to BNN Bloomberg. Confirmed storefronts will be in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson, as well as 10 other locations in First Nations communities.

If you're worried about not being local to the cannabis stores then don't fret. It is a goal of the province to have all residents within a 30-minute drive of a cannabis store within 10 years, so by 2028.

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Ontarians will be disappointed to hear that no physical brick and mortar cannabis stores will be open on October 17th, but that doesn't mean you can't purchase the green.

Canadians living in Ontario should expect to order online for the next 6-months from the Ontario Cannabis Store because private retailers won't be licensed to sell cannabis in store until April of 2019.

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Those living in Quebec are lucky enough to have options when it comes to locations to purchase cannabis. According to CBC, the province is going to be operating 11 government-run stores on October 17th, known as the Société québécoise du cannabis or SQDC.

The SAQ style stores will be across the province, including three locations in Montreal, Quebec City, Lévis, Drummondville and more. You can find the full list of locations here.

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New Brunswick 

Believe it or not, New Brunswick has been prepared for October 17th since the summer. In fact, The Western Star reported that employees were trained in the summer and have been slowly anticipating legalization day to arrive.

There will be 20 Cannabis NB stores across the province, all of which will be open for business on October 17th. The stores will be operated by the government and will be similar to liquor stores in the province.

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Nova Scotia

For Canadians residing in Eastern Canada, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation has been preparing to open their new cannabis retailers on October 17th. There will be 11 new cannabis shops placed inside existing liquor stores in Nova Scotia, as well as one stand-alone store that can be found in Halifax.

Sadly for stoners unlike the alcohol side of the stores, there will be no sampling of cannabis products, said CBC. Employees at the cannabis locations in Nova Scotia will be able to help provide information on various strains of the green but will not be able to recommend products to customers like alcohol.

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Prince Edward Island 

For the east coast islanders in Canada, the province will have up to 11 stores operating on October 17th. CBC has stated that PEI Cannabis will not only opening their storefronts on legalization day, but they will be also launching their online retailer for Canadians to purchase from.

The 11 locations can be found across the province and considering that the population of Prince Edward Island is only 146,283 as of 2014, there will be plenty of cannabis to go around.

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Newfoundland and Labrador 

While Newfoundland is expecting between 20 and 28 cannabis retailers, only 9 shops will be open on October 17th. The delays will cause many brick and mortar stores to be unavailable on legalization day, but all Loblaws locations preparing for cannabis sales are ready for Wednesday.

Still, Newfoundland and Labrador residents looking to purchase cannabis can buy online as of 12:01 AM on October 17th from any area of the province according to The Telegram.

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Those living in the Yukon on October 17th will be limited for options when it comes to buying cannabis in the territory. Yukoners can expect to pick up their cannabis products from one store (really it's more like a warehouse) in Whitehorse, located at 102B Industrial Road.

The store is government run and will be a temporary location until private retailers are approved in the Spring of 2019. The Yukon Liquor Corporation will be running both the store and online system currently, before developing the Cannabis Licensing Board in the spring for private retailers.

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Like Ontario, those Canadians living in Nunavut will only be able to buy cannabis products online on October 17th. Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission will be running the sale of cannabis and has been finalizing the provinces supplier in the last few weeks.

While the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission is not planning for brick and mortar stores in the province at this time, it's a discussion they are planning on revisiting after legalization in 2019.

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Northwest Territories 

The Northwest Territories has opted to sell cannabis products in NWT liquor stores and online-only ahead of legalization on October 17th. That means that Canadians living up north can purchase their green in Yellowknife, Hay River, Inuvik, Fort Smith, Norman Wells and Fort Simpson on Wednesday.

The province will be pursuing private retailers in the future but residents of the NWT shouldn't expect any individual stores until the spring of 2019.