Every year since 2002, Canada's held a competition to determine the top 100 employers for young jobseekers. The competition, called Canada's Top Employers for Young People, just announced their 2019 list of winners this morning. The winning companies on this year's list are both surprising and predictable but have each proven their ability to attract and retain young workers. 

Each company reports that at least 30% of their staff are under the age of 34, and have made mentoring and nurturing young talent a priority at their company. They know how to "connect young people with a sense of purpose", even those in junior and entry-level roles.

On this year's list, there are winners in every industry, including communications, finance, engineering, health sciences, public service, hospitality, even farming. Some of the most recognizable names include Health Canada, Canadian Tire, Metrolinx, Labatt, L'Oreal, Egg Farmers of Canada, Siemens, YMCA of Greater Toronto, Samsung, even local police forces like York Regional Police.

The competition is designed to be a valuable resource for young people to find the right fit after graduation, whether it's a paid internship or a new job that allows for continued growth and learning in their field.  

A spokesperson for KPMG LLP, one of the winners on this year's list, knows exactly what millennials consider a dream job. "They want to have a connection to the work they're doing. They don't just want to come into a role and sit there doing something really basic. They want to put their skills to work -- what they've studied in university or college -- and they want to see what that impact is."

So without further adieu, here are Canada's Top 100 Employers of 2019:





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