After the long-time hype around septum piercings that lasted perhaps a little too long, there's a new piercing trend that is taking over and it's going to be way better than the last.

LA-based celebrity piercer, Brian Keith Thompson, with A-list clients like Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé, Emma Stone and FKA Twigs - just to name a few, has admitted that the septum trend has now peaked out, and that lip piercings and dermals might as well be as "dead as your Christmas tree."

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This year, the renowned artist promises us that it's going to be the big return of ear piercings - or as he would say, "the year of the ear."

The ear piercings are back in full force, but reinvented in a way that we adore - the rook, the daith, the snug, the upper lobe and the constellations. 

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The Daith

This look was super popular in New York and London last year, and will continue to be one of the trendiest piercings through 2018. The daith is a piercing that goes through the conch, with the most stylish earring piece being an embellished hoop that loops around it.

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The Rook and the "Tash" Rook

While the rook has become very popular in the past year, the "Tash" rook has become even more so. The updated "Tash" rook is a piercing just above the rook (or antihelix) that looks adorable when adorned with little studs that look like stars. We love it.

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The Snug

The snug will be one of 2018's biggest trends and we're in love with it. Snuggly sitting above the three piercings on the lobe (ha, see what I did there), the snug fits right between the helix and the conch. Brain Keith Thomson says that it's becoming increasingly popular in LA.

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The Upper Lobe

Contrary to what you might think, it is not at the very top of the ear. That would actually be called the helix. Instead, the upper lobe is simply the second hole next to, and/or above, the more traditional one. If you're looking into venturing out into the world of more unique piercings, this one's a great one to start with.

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The Constellation

We will also see a lot of constellation piercings in 2018 - in other words, multilevel piercings dispersed throughout the ear that come together to look like one shining, starry night.