These Are The 15 Healthiest Foods You Can Order At Subway

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These Are The 15 Healthiest Foods You Can Order At Subway

We can all say that Subway is the 'healthiest' fast food restaurant. Is it really a fast food restaurant if it doesn't have a drive-thru though? Asking for a friend. Anyways, with options like subs, wraps, paninis, salads, and more, you can find a ton of healthy options at Subway. However, you can also find a ton of unhealthy options at Subway just by doing a few things wrong!

Just like with anything, moderation is key. If you're eating out every single day, you'll notice a difference. However, Subway is one of those restaurants that can be healthy for every meal although you probably shouldn't. They do have some healthier bread options, and even a gluten-free bun that I've tried (which was like eating a sponge, but it wasn't awful). 

If you're on your fitness journey, just wanting to clean up your diet or are a Subway fanatic, all of these options will help you out! Like I said before, Subway is definitely the healthiest option if you're in a rush or just need something quick, but it's only healthy if you're getting the right options. A ton of mayo or cheese can really ruin the sandwich, even though both taste so good. 

You don't have to cut out your favourite foods to be healthy! Just make healthier options, and ditch a few of the unnecessary ingredients. Here are the 15 healthiest items you can order at Subway. 





For Subs, Click "NEXT" 

I'm sure 90% of people that go to Subway are going for the subs. Did you even know they had any other options? While the subs are a great option, it's even better if you choose a healthier bread and less caloric condiment options. 9-grain wheat is the healthiest option as well as mustard and sweet onion sauce. 

If you love Subway for their sandwiches, you won't be disappointed in these options! Just remember, limit the cheese intake as well, which can definitely add up. 

Oven Roasted Chicken 

This is definitely the more lean option if you're looking for it. Fill it up with veggies, mustard or sweet onion sauce and choose a healthier bread and you're golden. It also has 21 grams of protein and only 4.5 grams of fat, but the carbs from the bread are a little more which is to be expected. 

Calories: 310

Turkey Breast

This is my personal favourite at Subway. You don't have to feel guilty about eating it, since it is lean. Just as long as you keep your other options light, and full of veggies! Of course, deli meats do have a lot of sodium so it's best to watch your sodium intake for the rest of the day. But turkey breast pairs deliciously with 9-grain wheat bread. 

Calories: 290

Veggie Delight

This is perfect for all the vegans/vegetarians out there! This is a great option if you're trying to cut back on your sodium, your meat intake or just want something fresh for a meal. Pack this sandwich full of veggies and the calories stay low! 

Calories: 230

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 

If you're more about flavour, this option is great! The sweet onion chicken teriyaki is absolutely delicious and it's not that bad for you. It has 23 grams of protein which will keep you full for so long. Also fill this up with veggies to really get an unreal taste. 

Calories: 360 

For Wraps/Panini's, Click "NEXT" 

Raise your hand if you didn't even know Subway had wraps or panini's. I know I didn't! If you're looking for a lighter option, the wraps are perfect for you. Like any of the other sandwiches you can make this customizable to your wants/needs and make something not that healthy, healthier!

The panini's are a good option if you're looking for something super filling. Although, with all of these options, you'll have to remove something to make it healthier but it's all about balance, right? 

Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap

Minus the bacon. If you want this wrap to be healthy, unfortunately you'll have to forgo the bacon. With the avocado, turkey, and wrap, there is no way you'll be hungry after this filling meal. Just make sure you stick to a condiment like mustard! The calories are a little bit more solely because of the avocado which adds about 60 calories. 

Calories: 430

Chicken Wrap 

Let me mention that the wraps are more caloric than the bread for some reason. You can totally choose a wrap or a sandwich, but it's just preference. For this wrap, it's just a simple chicken wrap but it tastes so good. Fill it with veggies and sweet onion sauce and you'll be good to go! It is a little higher in calories, but very doable for a meal. 

Calories: 430

Chicken Cordon Bleu Panini 

This will taste like you got it from a restaurant, that's how delicious it is! Whether you put cheese on it or not, it's still so tasty. It's on a ciabatta bun which gives it a nice crunch. For this one, I would recommend getting just tomatoes and spinach on it. 

Calories: 410

For Salads, Click "NEXT" 

The salads at Subway are definitely the healthiest option on the menu. From a bunch of lettuce, spinach, unlimited veggies, to your choice of meat, you can have it all! Of course they have their own set salads if you don't want to make your own, but I highly recommend you do. 

I also recommend you stick to sweet onion sauce as your dressing and steer clear of the ranch and caesar dressing, which can add up to 100 empty calories onto your salad! Also note that these salads are delicious but the pictures don't do them justice. 

Ham Salad

Ham on your salad? What? It's not as weird as it sounds, it's actually delicious! You can add any veggies that you think will go along with ham but no matter what it will be delicious. Load that baby up!

Calories: 110

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Salad

Just as good as the sub! This salad will have your tastebuds bursting with flavour. And realistically any veggies go well with this salad, since you really don't have to add dressing because it's already on the chicken. This one is a little more caloric but it will 100% keep you full. 

Calories: 210

Oven Roasted Chicken Salad

This with sweet onion sauce = love. This is definitely one of the healthier salads, as it has a ton of protein from the chicken! If you're looking for a filling option, I would recommend getting one of the chicken options since they're super lean and you can fill your bowl up with things like avocado, lettuce, onions, and more!

Calories: 120

Tuna Salad

Definitely not one of the prettiest salads, but it's so yummy. And it's actually the lowest calorie option! If you love tuna salad, you'll love this option. You can add any veggies and it will still be delicious, but I personally don't think you need any salad dressing with this option. 

Calories: 50

Turkey Salad

Another low calorie option! See how many veggies are in the picture above?! You can literally add anything you want! This salad is super lean and if you count macros, this is perfect for you. Just of course, beware if you add cheese to your salad but it won't kill you. 

Calories: 110

For Breakfast, Click "NEXT" 

Breakfast. We all know it as the most important meal of the day. However, some meals can start you off on the wrong track. I'm not saying Subway's breakfast is the best for you, but it's also not the worst option out there. You can switch any of the eggs to egg whites, fill up your flatbread with veggies and bam! You got breakfast. 

Most of these come with melted cheese, but cheese right in the morning isn't the best option. If you really want it, go for it! But if you can, take away the cheese to have a cleaner, healthier option on the go. 

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

On flatbread, this egg and cheese sandwich isn't that bad for you... if you let go of the cheese. Fill it with veggies and avocado or guacamole instead to have a breakfast filled with healthy fats, protein and carbs! 

Calories: 360

Ham, Egg, And Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

This is another great option that is filled with protein, healthy fats and carbs. Just with switching out the eggs for egg whites and no cheese, you save 90 calories! You can put whatever veggies you want on here as well, but I would go with spinach and tomato. 

Calories: 330

Breakfast B.M.T Melt

What does BMT stand for? No clue. This doesn't have bacon or tomatoes on it. However, it does come with egg whites, ham, salami and pepperoni. And to make it healthier, I would take away the salami and pepperoni and add turkey breast instead for a leaner option. Without all of the modifications the calories are pretty high, but like always, you can make it lower!

Calories: 480

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