Halloween is one of the best times of the year, there's really no denying it. The temperature is chilly and crisp, the fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet and there's always a feeling of mystery in the air. Any kinds of monsters and creepy crawlies could be hiding around the next corner, you just never know. 

This time of year is also the best for showing off your creativity when it comes to costumes! This can be pretty stressful for a lot of us because coming up with ideas is always the worst. It's easy for girls to throw on cat ears and guys to throw on a plaid shirt and call it a costume, but it's the ones that put in the effort that we all appreciate the most. 

But don't worry, we're doing all the creative brainstorming for you this Halloween! All you have to do is choose one of the costumes on this list and recreate it. We've got everything from cute couples costumes, hilarious group costumes, funny solo costumes and everything in between! 

Fake News 

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With the US President Donald Trump in the headlines literally everyday ranting about 'fake news' on Twitter, it's no surprise that this costume will be a huge hit this year. It's clever and hilarious so you're sure to get some great comments when you show up to the Halloween party this year. A bonus is that it's obviously super easy to DIY and won't cost much at all!

French Toast

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If you're not up for putting too much effort into your costume this year, French Toast is a great option! All you have to do is find a beret, a striped shirt and then cut out a cardboard piece of toast or even bring a real one with you. It's simple, clever and takes barely any effort or money to make.

Boo from Monsters Inc. 

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If Boo wasn't one of your favourite characters from Monsters Inc. I definitely don't want to know you. She was literally the cutest and recreating her classic look in the movie won't take much effort at all! Find an oversized pink t-shirt and purple leggins and tie your hair into two side pigtails and voila!


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We haven't seen the last of Eleven on-screen and we definitely haven't seen the last of her in Halloween costume form. This costume idea was super popular last year and it definitely will be again this year. It's not too hard to recreate, just don't forget the Eggos!

Bacon & Eggs

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If you're looking for a cute couples costume, this classic breakfast duo is perfect. These can either be store-bought or homemade depending on how crafty you want to get this Halloween season. It's simple and shows that you two were definitely meant to be together.

Chick Magnet

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Another great couple costume idea is the chick magnet! It's clearly a super clever play on words and you can see that it doesn't take much to put it together. All you'll need is some colourful bristol board, scissors and a yellow boa and you've got yourself a great costume!

Bay Watch Lifeguard

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If you want to show off your bod this Halloween you should consider the Bay Watch Lifeguard costume. This costume goes for both guys and gals, as long as you have a red bathing suit on hand! Grab some whistles at the dollar store and you've got yourself a bagin' costume.

Jughead and Betty 

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The cutest on-sreen and off-screen couple is bound to be a popular one for all couples this Halloween season. It's a pretty easy one to do since you're both basically wearing regular clothes with some style tweaks here and there like Jughead's hat.

Tanya Harding 

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The popular movie about the infamous figure skater, Tanya Harding, hit the big screens last year and everyone loved it. The story itself is just unreal and now that they put her on-screen it's easy for us to recreate her style for a Halloween costume this year.

When Life Gives You Lemons

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If you don't feel like trying too hard this Halloween, this is a classic lazy person's costume. All you have to do is buy or use a cheap white shirt that you don't care about, write 'Life' in black marker and then carry a bowl or a bag of lemons with you all night long.

Identity Theft

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This is another super easy costume for lazy people this Halloween. If you find yourself 5 minutes before you have to leave for the party with no costume idea in sight, grab some name tags and stick them to your sweater! That's all it takes to make a hit costume.

Bounty Hunter

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These types of creative costumes never cease to amaze at Halloween events. If you feel like going for the funny costume idea, this is a great idea for a group or on your own. Hunt down those Bounty towels this Halloween season!

Devil Wears Prada

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This one is taking the typical, overdone devil costume to another level by adding a Prada shirt which you can easily make yourself. You don't have to get too creative but it adds a bit of humour to a classic costume. You can also show off your makeup skills like the woman above did!

Harry Potter and Golden Snitch

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If you're both huge Potterheads, you and your S/O should definitely consider dressing up as Harry Potter and his Snitch. It's not too difficult to pull this one off, although you might have to go shopping for a few items. Other than that it's super simple to pull off!

Miss Universe

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A great play on words type of costume is the Miss Universe costume! Snag a dress you don't mind disposing of later and paint some rough drawings of planets all over it, cut yourself a ribbon and then pick up a bouquet of flowers (fake or real) and a tiarra! That's all you really need to make a super cute costume this Halloween.


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This is a classic costume that really doesn't take much effort at all. Find a jumpsuit at your nearest thrift store or army surplus store and maybe even add a United States patch to the arm. Then all you'll need is a pair of aviator sunglasses and you've got yourself an easy costume idea!

Mermaid and Sailor

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This one will definitely take some planning and supplies. If you want to make the mermaid part look good you'll have to get pretty crafty but there's tons of DIY mermaid costume instruction guides online and the sailor part of the costume is pretty straight forward!


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This is a great costume for you and your extra crafty friends should tackle this Halloween. It's definitely not for those that want to throw together a costume last minute because it takes some work. But all you'll really need is a bristol board and different kinds of flesh coloured paints. Place them over a pale slip and you've got yourself a costume!


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Almost everyone's favourite animated TV character is Tina from Bob's Burgers. I mean, the show is hilarious and all the characters could be great for costumes, but Tina is the most recognizable character. If you have a group of friends, you could dress up as all the characters though!

Panda and Bamboo

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This costume is seriously cute for a couple to try out this Halloween. Order a cheap panda onesie online for the lazy of the pair and the other can get crafty to make their bamboo costume! You can pick up some fake leaves at the dollar store and get creative.

Elliot in E.T.

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Everyone knows and loves the class movie, E.T. You won't have to worry about no one knowing what your costume is with this one. Attach an old bike handle to a milk crate with a printed out photo of E.T. covered in a white sheet inside and you've got yourself a costume! All you need is a red hoodie to complete the look.

The Purge 

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Get a little scarier this Halloween with some creepy costumes from The Purge. Grab a mask and a fake weapon at the dollar store, cover a dress or your clothes in fake blood and that's all you really need. This costume can be done in a group, with your S/O or solo as well!

Southside Serpents

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Another costume you'll be seeing this year for sure is the Southside Serpents from Riverdale. Grab your leather jacket and add the serpent logos on the back, tie a plaid shirt around your waist and a bandana on your head and you've got a super easy costume you can do with friends.


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Feeling like you want to leave your Halloween costume planning to the last minute? The robber costume is perfect for that. All you'll need is a striped shirt, a canvas bag with '$' drawn on it, some gloves and a mask!

Killer Housewife

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Get a little diabolical this Halloween and go for the killer housewife costume. You can easily do this one solo or get your S/O to dress up in bloody clothing to go along with it. All you'll need is a an apron covered in fake blood and a fake butcher knife!

Ceiling Fans

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This costume is super easy to recreate for yourself and basically requires no effort at all. These dudes actually went out and printed these t-shirts but you can easily write it in sharpie or print and attach it to the shirt. Take it up a notch with some pom poms to finish off the look!


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This costume might be a bit overdone but it's definitely an easy one to recreate for yourself. All you have to do is wear shorts, some weird sock and shoe combos, a Hawaiin shirt and maybe even a Tillie had if you have one. You'll look like the ultimate tourist if you wear this out.

Nudist On Strike

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The ultimate lazy person's costume is definitely 'nudist on strike'. You literally just have to walk into the party wearing whatever clothes you wore that day and a sign that explains it. The simplest costumes for those that always procrastinate on Halloween.

Regina George

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This one is super classic but comes up every year on Halloween. Regina George from Mean Girls will never not be an amazing Halloween costume idea. If you have a group of friends, get everyone in on it to be the whole Mean Girls gang!

Astronaught and Alien

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This is such a great couples costume, I mean just look at these two! It might take some extra effort to look as good as they do but you can make this costume wayyy simpler if you want to. It's the idea that's the great part of this costume.

For more ideas, check out these YouTube videos!