These Are The Best Times To Post On Instagram For Every Day Of The Week, According To Experts

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These Are The Best Times To Post On Instagram For Every Day Of The Week, According To Experts

We know this situation all too well: you take a sick photo, post it on Instagram, wait several minutes confident the likes and comments will flood in, the minutes turn into hours and now you're anxiously and desperately messaging your friends Hey, can you like my photo on Insta? 

To avoid these awkward messages, there's a solution. While the actual content of your post is the most important thing, it's also important to post during an optimal time when people can actually see your post and engage with it.

According to experts at Instagram management and marketing app Later(formerly known as Latergramme), the best times to post on Instagram are around 5PM and 2AM.

Later analyzed over 61,000 Instagram posts, taking into consideration likes and engagement, and found that at 5PM, there are tons of people scrolling through their phones on Instagram during the "after work/school" time. Now this seems pretty logical, but posting at 2AM seems a little less so.

To shed some light on the situation, it turns out that posting at 2AM can be an optimal time for Instagram engagement and likes because there are less people posting during that time, and those who are scrolling through their feeds during ungodly hours are more likely to comment or like posts. Additionally, those posts are also most likely to show up on users' feeds in the morning.

Now, 5PM and 2AM are only the best on average. But in fact, optimal posting times vary throughout the week on a day-to-day basis. Here is a list of the best times to post on Instagram for each day of the week:

Monday:7PM and 10PM

Tuesday:3AM and 10PM 

Wednesday: 5PM 

Thursday: 7AM and 11PM

Friday: 1AM and 8PM 

Saturday: 12AM and 2AM 

Sunday: 5PM

While this intel can be super valuable, of course, success will be dependent on the quality of your content as well as your specific audience.

If you're trying to grow you Insta following, or just want more people to like your photos (guilty), you might want to take these nuggets into consideration.

Source: Metro