Here’s How Much A Teacher Is Getting Paid Per Year By Province In Canada

Not all teaching jobs are created equally.
Here’s How Much A Teacher Is Getting Paid Per Year By Province In Canada

As a brand new school year gets into full swing, teachers everywhere are getting back into the classroom and back to work. 

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While teachers across the country are all diving right into the back to school season, there are some pretty big differences throughout Canada when it comes to their jobs, like what they're teaching, when vacations are, and how many kids they are allowed to have in their classes. But one of the biggest differences is salary.

When it comes to what they are paid, public school teachers seem to have a pretty sweet gig. On top of their paychecks, they also get pretty great benefits packages and two months off every summer. But some places are sweeter than others, making over $100, 000 a year. 

For teachers, their annual salary is determined by a lot of factors like experience, education, and additional qualifications. These are the salaries for public elementary teachers across Canada, from lowest to highest. 

8. Montreal, Quebec 

Despite being one of the most modern and hip cities in Canada, coming in dead last is Montreal, where even the highest paying teachers are only making an annual salary of $82, 585. This is almost $25, 000 less than the highest paying place and even considerably less than the next lowest paying city. 

7. Vancouver, British Columbia

Montreal isn't the only major city paying lower teacher salaries. Vancouver is rounding out the bottom as well, despite being known as a super expensive city. Based on the grid, the highest earning teachers in the city are only making $89, 810 each year. 

6. Saskatchewan

Going back to central/western Canada, the next highest place for teacher salaries is Saskatchewan. They aren't very far behind Halifax though.  Saskatchewan's highest paid teachers are bringing home $93, 433 annually. 

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jumping across the country, Halifax falls just ahead of the others when it comes to teacher salaries. Sitting comfortably in the middle, qualified Halifax teachers with over 9 years of experience are earning $94, 607 every year. 

4. Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

Next up is the Greater Toronto Area. While they still come in fourth place, the highest paid teachers still earn less than six figures. In York Region District School Board specifically, which is the highest paying board in the province, the top teachers are making $96, 398 per year.

3. Edmonton, Alberta

The very first city reaching into six-figure teacher salaries is Edmonton. Like all the other Canadian places, they use a grid to determine teacher salaries based on qualifications and experience. Out there, the highest paid teachers are making $101, 162 every year.

2. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Apparently, it pays to teach in cold places. The second highest city for is Winnipeg, where highly qualified teachers with at least nine years of experience can earn $102, 002 annually. 

1. Nunavut

In each city, teachers are paid differently based on experience, but the one place in Canada with the highest salary potential for teachers is none other than Nunavut. This super northern territory pays the most experienced, highly qualified teachers $107, 576 annually. 

While these are the rankings for the highest paid teaching jobs in each of these cities, it's worth noting that for teachers starting out with zero years of experience, the highest paying city is actually Edmonton, where even the lowest level of teachers are earning over $55, 000 annually.