These Are The Most Controversial Shows On Netflix Right Now

It's no surprise that Netflix puts out multiple new and original shows basically weekly. It seems like everytime I go to rewatch Friends (which is a lot) I see a new show on the huge header on my TV. While I personally love Netflix originals, they bring on quite the controversy which some people do not enjoy.

I can guarantee that most of us take 2 hours to choose a TV show before actually deciding on one. 80% of the time we choose one we've already seen a million times (The Office never gets old), but with all of these new Netflix shows, we have to start somewhere. Like everything today, you can't have a little fun without a little controversy. And Netflix is definitely used to controvesy at this point. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, the streaming service comes out with something they call 'Netflix Originals' which are ultimately shows created by Netflix and they come out very frequently. Putting out that many shows in a small period of time can definitely risk something to go wrong. So here are the shows that have caused the most amount of controversy, whether you like the show or not: 

13 Reasons Why 

Genre: Teen Drama

You didn't think I could write about controversial shows and not put in 13 Reasons Why, right? No matter what they do, 13 Reasons Why seems to be the show on Netflix that can never do anything right, according to the fans. If you're not familiar (but also, how?), 13 Reasons Why follows Clay, who was friends with a girl named Hannah that decided to take her own life. She then leaves 13 tapes of reasons why she decided to take her own life, and those 13 reasons are people that went to her high school.

The show was just recently renewed for a third season, and even when it was renewed for a second season fans were not happy. The show dives in to very serious topics such as rape, suicide, bullying, gun control, and much more, and has been known to 'glamourize' these topics while doing it. Really, the only way to see if you find this show controversial is to watch it, but do so at your own risk as it can be a triggering show for some people.

Dear White People 

Genre: Comedy

Dear White People is a comedy-drama that follows students of colour at an Ivy League college, but when they get to the school, they realize it's definitely not as post-racial as they thought. Even though it's controversial, this show has an 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it's the title that people didn't agree with.

The show is going on to it's third season, and it's done in a different way as each episode is focused on a character alone. In 2018, it's a show that I believe is needed, whether the title is great or not. It shows that we may think that racism is over and done with, but to people who actually go through it, it's far from over.


Genre: Coming-of-age

This Netflix original show follows Sam, who is autistic and how his autism affects his dating and family life. I personally loved the show, but just like 13 Reasons Why, fans of the show thought it glamourized autism. They believed the show created a stereotype of someone that is autistic, and that Sam became the butt of every joke.

The reviews also say that Sam has no regard for peoples feelings, which is not a trait of autism. The show was renewed for a second season, but we have yet to hear when it will be released. Atypical is really different from any other show on Netflix, which can make or break whether people enjoy the show or not. However, Atypical shows the strengths and weaknesses of autism, which definitely should not be controversial.


Genre: Comedy/Drama

Insatiable is a brand new show to Netflix, and it already got buzz (the bad kind) before it had even come out. When the trailer came out, over 150k people signed a petition to make sure it didn't get released on Netflix. Why? If you want my full opinion, you can read it here.

To sum it up, Insatiable is about an overweight young girl named Patty who is bullied and tortured due to her looks. She gets in to a fight with a homeless man that makes a disgusting comment about her weight, and he punches her in the face which leads to her jaw getting locked and her going on a liquid diet. Three months later, she is thin and comes in contact with a lawyer/beauty queen coach who is very unstable in his life, as he just got falsely accused of sexual assault.

The show basically follows the two of them mainly, but they set out to get revenge on those who they hate. In only the first episode, Patty hooks up with the homeless man she once faught and is about to set him on fire. This show has so many people talking, and for all the wrong reasons. It's basically a show about a young girl whose only chance at beauty was to lose weight, and now she wants to get revenge by becoming a pagent queen. If you ask me, this is not a show we need in 2018. And 150k people also agree (and probably more).

The Crown 

Genre: Historical Drama

The Crown is a very popular show on Netflix, but the controversy doesn't exactly come from the show itself. The Crown follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the show starts off in 1947. It portrays real events that happened in the royal family up until 1955, and the second season starts off in 1956.

The third season is said to be released in 2019, and the show has won many awards and nominations. However, the controversy lies around the costars who play the main characters. It was revealed that Matt Smith, who plays Prince Philip, gets paid a lot more than lead actress Claire Foy, who plays Princess Elizabeth (and later plays Queen Elizabeth II). Claire Foy was said to be paid $40,000 per episode, but it was not released how much Matt Smith is paid.

The shows producers came out and said that anyone who plays Queen Elizabeth in the future will be paid just as much, but we're not sure how much that is exactly.