It is undeniable that the United States is Canada's top and closest trading partner, which is why it is so concerning that we are in the middle of a Trade War with them right now. Donald Trump has been unrelenting in his tariffs against Canada and we have responded with some of our own. 

But the States isn't our only big trading partner. An infographic from the government identifies Canada's biggest G7 trading allies and exactly what we are trading with them. 

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According to Statistics Canada, we traded over $1 trillion in goods and services with fellow G7 countries last year. Though the US made up a big part of that number, there were five other countries who Canada has been doing some major deals with. 

The second highest trading partner with Canada was the United Kingdom, followed by Japan, then Italy, Germany, and France. 

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According to the infographic, Canadians really like booze and cars (not combined of course) because those were the main imports from four out of the five countries listed. Wine and Brandy account for our top imports from both France and Italy. 

Meanwhile, our top imports from Germany and Japan are passenger cars such as Volkswagens, Audis, Toyota's, and other imported cars that we see on our streets all the time. 

From our other main trading partner, the United Kingdom, we import a lot of aircraft parts and equipment. 

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As for exports to those various countries, Canada is sending them a lot of mining products such as iron ores, precious metals, gold, and coal, as well as pharmaceutical products.