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7 Places All Harry Potter Fans Must Visit In Ontario

When it comes to book and movie franchises, there's nothing that compares to J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series. She created a world that was so magical and imaginative yet so realistic at the same time that fans across the world became obsessed. I know we all wish we could be a witch or wizard on our way to potions class right now. 

But even though the books and movies have all come to an end, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter world continues to live on. If you're a die-hard Harry Potter fan there are tons of themed activities, restaurants and bars, and events that you can take part in across the province to feel like you're really there! 

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Check out the list below to start living out your Harry Potter dreams right now! 

Oshawa Escape Rooms 

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The Oshawa Escape Rooms are a great place for all Potterheads to visit. They frequently open Harry Potter themed escape rooms including Escape Hogwarts and Wizard School Escape, that both ran recently. If you check their Instagram page you can see when they'll be opening their next Harry-themed escape adventure!


The Lockhart 

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The Lockhart is a Harry Potter themed bar with two locations — one in Toronto and one in Montreal! Their menu includes fun potions and elixirs that visitors can experiment with. They also serve snacks and brunch foods straight out of Harry Potter with everything from chocolate frogs to bread pudding french toast! The decor is also Harry Potter themed throughout giving it a super fun vibe for fans to enjoy.


Lumos: Breakfast House and Chamber of Spirits

Via Lumos: Breakfast House & Chamber of Spirits

There's a Harry Potter brunch spot and cocktail bar set to open up in Guelph and we can't wait! While they haven't officially released their opening date yet, they've hinted on their Facebook page that it's getting much closer. They've made Guelph houses, themed decorations, and fun interactive eats! There will be more details to come but it's definitely going to be the new hot-spot in the city.



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Curiosa is a Harry Potter-themed store located in Toronto. If you want to stock up on all your favourite magic items from the books and movies, this is the spot to go! They've got everything including wand necklaces, quill pens, magic potion books, and so much more! You never know what you'll find here but you know it's going to be a magical experience.


Harry Potter Yule Ball

Via IMDb

Toronto is hosting a huge Harry Potter Yule Ball this holiday season, inspired by the Yule Ball that took place in the Goblet of Fire! It's going to be a truly magical experience with costumes, a huge feast, dancing, and so much more. The invitations will be delivered to your door in true Harry Potter fashion and the location of the event is kept a secret until November!


Harry Potter Live Concert

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This fall the Toronto Symphony Orchestra is hosting an amazing event that all Harry Potter fans should attend. There will be a live performance of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as the movie plays in the background! It's a truly magical event and the experience is unparalleled. You can attend the concert for one weekend from November 15th-17th!


Toronto Wizard Brunch & Dinner

Via IMDb

For one day only Toronto is hosting a huge Harry Potter brunch and dinner event! You can finally feast like you're in the Great Hall at Hogwarts chowing down on the best wizard eats. You'll be seated at long tables while you enjoy some amazing food and drink and an immersive dining experience like no other. They encourage everyone to dress up for the event that will be taking place on April 27th, 2019.


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