Hiking is a great workout. You get to see views that you've never seen before, and you get to burn those calories. However, not all hikes are a walk in the park. Some take days, some go on for miles, and some even require oxygen. 

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Although Canada has some amazing mountains to climb, you don't need any oxygen tanks for any of these. However, you do need some motivation and some gear to get you to the top. Whether it's an uphill climb or just a shit ton of stairs, these are the top 6 most difficult hiking trails in Canada. 

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The Grouse Grind // British Columbia 

Even though this trail is only 2.9 km long, it goes straight up for about 853 metres. Basically think of it as natures stairmaster, since there are 2830 stairs on the way up. Aren't you exhausted just thinking about it?

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Canol Heritage Trail // Northwest Territories 

This is known in Canada as one of the most difficult trails, considering to complete it it takes up to 22 days. It's 355 km long and travels to the Yukon Border. Since there is no human interaction along the way except for other hikers, people need to have food drops along the way. Canol Heritage Trail is a huge commitment, since you also have 3 rivers to cross.

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The West Coast Trail // British Columbia 

On this trail, many Canadians love it because you get to be out in the wild as well as sleep by the ocean. This hike is 75 km long on the west coast of the Vancouver Island, and around 6000 people climb it every year. However, around 60 people get taken away because of altitude, injury or hypothermia issues.

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Chilkoot Trail // British Columbia 

The Chilkoot Trail actually starts in Alaska, however the 53 km trail shows some incredible views of British Columbia, where the trail ends. There are stairs called the Golden Stairs that are made out of snow, and it's exhausting just picturing going 300 metres up those stairs.

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Tombstone Territorial Park // The Yukon 

This trail is 75 km long and it takes 8 days to complete. You start out the hike with a helicopter ride, so you know it's a hard hike. However, there are plenty of different trails you can take here if you don't want to hike the entire thing. Tip: Must bring bear spray. Also, the view is more than worth it.

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Akshayuk Pass // Baffin Island 

This remote trail is completely in the Arctic Circle, and it's difficult AF. Stretching for 97 km, this hike is a real mission. It takes about 8 days to climb and has 8 emergency huts along the way. Getting to the trail itself is difficult enough, so actually hiking it isn't easy.