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These Are The Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch On Netflix Canada Before It's Too Late

These Christmas movies may be gone from Netflix Canada soon!
These Are The Top Christmas Movies You Need To Watch On Netflix Canada Before It's Too Late

Well, it's that time of year again where the countdown to Christmas begins. It's in exactly one week, which means you need to get your Christmas shopping done, your gifts wrapped, AND you need to watch every holiday movie under the sun. This may sound like a lot in one week, but if we say no to plans all week, then we'll be good! While some binge-worthy Christmas movies aren't on Netflix Canada this year (still mad about that), there are still some great movies that will get you in the holiday spirit. 

Maybe you need a few movies to watch with your best friends while you assemble a gingerbread house. Or maybe you just need a break from life and want to put on a Christmas movie (same). Whatever your excuse is, it's a good one. Netflix Canada may not have classic movies like Elf, Home Alone, or The Grinch, but it does have some movies that will either make you cringe or cry. No in between. 

So if you're ready to binge-watch Christmas movies until Santa comes, then here are the top Christmas movies on Netflix that will not let you down!

Office Christmas Party 

I watched Office Christmas Party a couple of weeks ago and actually loved it. While it doesn't necessarily have any deep meaning or a long deep talk about the Christmas spirit, it will make you laugh so hard. Starring Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston, who I must admit are a golden duo, this movie will make you giggle if you've ever attended an office Christmas party. But this one is like x 100000.

Watch it here.

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles is like a modern day version of The Santa Clause. Two siblings really, really want to meet Santa for Christmas and catch it on camera. When Santa catches them, the whole night turns into an adventure that only they would believe... but they also have to save Christmas before it's too late. If you love cheesy Christmas movies, then this one is for you.

Watch it here.

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Love Actually 

Starring about a million actors and actresses, Love Actually is a movie that you must see a least once in your life. The whole movie and story revolves around one thing, which is love. It's set in Christmas time, and this movie really deals with 10 love stories that will make you sad if you're single during Christmas time. But it's a really great movie to cry to.

Watch it here.

A Christmas Prince 

Want to watch a super cheesy movie? A Christmas Prince is your best choice. It revolves around a journalist that is sent to a foreign country to interview the country's newest Prince, who is quite the socialite and maybe not the best for the role. While she's supposed to be writing about him and finding out things that no one else can, she's actually falling in love with him. Good thing he's looking for a queen! Oh, and they released a sequel this Christmas season, which fans absolutely ripped apart.

Watch it here.

The Holiday

If we can't have movies like The Grinch, Elf, or Home Alone on Netflix Canada this holiday season, I'm glad we can have The Holiday. The Holiday is about two women who switch houses for the holidays. One is in England and one is in California, and they both don't know what they're in for. While they both fall in love, of course, it wouldn't be a movie without some trials and tribulations.

Watch it here.

The Night Before

This movie may be a comedy, but it's really about friendship and the traditions you make with those you love. In The Night Before, 3 friends who have spent the last 10 years together on Christmas suddenly have to break that sacred tradition. Instead of spending the holiday together, they plan one last night out which turns into them hitting up the coolest Christmas parties in New York City. Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the dream team, so this movie is hilarious as well as kind of sad.

Watch it here.