I don't think anything can create quite as much pressure as deciding what a human being is going to be known as for their entire life. As current trends would prove, names like Brittany and Michael have gone right out the window.

Parents are opting for names these days that are much, much different. Some might call them different, others unique and some just flat out weird. Check out this list of the weirdest baby names over the last few years in each Canadian province.

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While these names are pretty common nowadays, Newfoundlanders have gotten crafty by thinking of every spelling possible for them.

In 2016, Jackson was the most popular baby names for boys. Different spellings consisted of Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jaxxen and last but not least, Jaxxon. Phew.

For girls, Leah was the 21st most popular name. Different spellings consisted of Lea, Leia, Leiyah, Lia, Leya.

Prince Edward Island

In 2016, boys in PEI had a spike of 'Twilight'-inspired names. Emmet was the 3rd most popular name amongst little guys.

For girls, moms and dads went with the unique name, Jazlyn in 2015. It was the 4th most popular name.

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Nova Scotia

So, apparently in NS, people like to keep things very literal. In 2015, parents went through a phase of naming both their male and female children Baby.

New Brunswick

2015 was the year of strong boy names. Some of the most unique were Ryker, Maverick, and Denver.

For girls, New Brunswickians went with the nature-inspired name, River.

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Three of the weirdest boys names for 2015 in this province were Loan, Skander and Achille.

However, the girls' names got a lot weirder than that. Some of the top contenders? Rim, Bebe, Tea, and Sephora. "Let's go Tea and Sephora, we're going to get tea and head to Sephora."


Ontario likes to keep baby names by the book but spice them up a little.

In 2015, many parents went with the name Jacob for boys but changed up the spelling to Jakob or Jaycob.

For girls, Sophia was a popular name choice. But many went with spellings like Sofia or Sofiya.

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Manitoba is pretty straight edge. In 2015, the weirdest baby boy name was Nash.

For girls, names like Olivia, Ava, Ema, and Amelia have remained common leaving no room for any entertaining weirdness.


Saskatchewan has got to be the least-weird province out of them all. The "weirdest" names I could find were Brielle, for girls and Hudson, for boys. Underwhelming, I know.

However, allow me to redeem myself with the discovery of a Saskatchewan man named Dick Assman. His name propelled him to celebrity status back in 1995. He appeared on comedy talk shows across North America. For the record, his first name was actually Richard and it was pronounced Os-man.

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Alberta's list of baby names for 2017 has been making headlines because of how totally odd they are. They are hands down the weirdest baby naming province.

Weird boys names consist of Cola, Jedi, Patience, Saturn, Seven, Sights, Sixx, Godspower, Nitorious-Shyne, and Zeppelin.

Girls got off a little easier. Strange names included Canada, Beautiful, Empress and Fancy. 2015 also saw names like Aura and Karma.

British Colombia

In 2015, boys were being named Cullen, Caius, Fox, Forest, King, and Talon in BC.

For girls, names like Juniper, Lyric, Magnolia, Ripley, and Serene were popping up.

Keep the creativity flowing, Canada. But, please avoid names like Godspower, it's just weird.

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