These Beaches Are Something Out Of A Fairytale And You Can Visit Them Right Now

The inevitable Canadian winter season is slowly upon us. If you're living in the prairie provinces, you've already started to get a taste of the winter season. It started snowing there a couple weeks ago and sent the internet into a frenzy.

We are predicted to get some intense crazy snowstorms in the upcoming months and no matter how many years go by, many many people cannot stand to be in the cold weather- sometimes they just need to getaway to a beach destination to leave it all behind.

Pink Sands Beach

Where: Harbour Island, Bahamas

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Why should you go: Every basic girls dream come true- a pink beach! It gets its rosy hue from the red shells of foraminifera (single-celled marine animals) mixed with the white sands. This beach is just about 5 km long, and although that may be very small, it is the perfect slice of heaven.

Papakolea Beach

Where: Hawaii, USA

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Why should you go: The trek to this beach alone is a mission and a half, but that just adds to the beauty of this visit. Along the sea cliffs, there's a 5 km hike through a rugged and hot trail. At the end is when this beach comes to life. The olive coloured beach comes from the green minerals found at Puu Mahana, a volcanic cone that sits above the beach.

Chandipur Beach

Where: Odisha, India

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Why should you go: The way to describe this beach would be: there she comes, and now she is gone. Twice a day, the tide pulls back about 4-5 kms from the shoreline to reveal a trove of seashells, driftwood, and little red crabs. Additionally, many at the beach can be found taking a quick stroll, or piling on in a beach and taking a ride along the shores.

Boulders Beach

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

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Why should you go: If you thought you had go someplace cold to get up close to penguins, well my friend think again! Located in Cape Town, this endless white sand beach isn't just gorgeous as is, but has tonnes of African Penguins going about their day! Talk about best of both worlds.

75 Mile Beach

Where: Fraser Island, Australia

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Why you should go: As long as the name entails, this beach is known to be a coastal highway on the east shores of Fraser Island. The glorious hard packed white sand makes it perfect for not only 4-wheel cars to drive on, but also for planes to land on. Once you've driven around, be sure to stop at the north Champagne Pools to take a dip and make the most of the beach.

Genipabu Beach

Where: Natal, Brazil

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Why should you go: Ever seen those cartoons where the character is dehydrated in the dessert and all it wants is a watering hole? This beach is the real life version of that. High sand dunes give you the feeling of being in a dessert, then you can wander below where instantly they are welcomed by the Atlantic ocean. From sand-boarding to camel rides, this is a thrill seekers ultimate beach.

Pfeiffer Beach

Where: California, USA

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Why should you go: Unless you're a local, this is a hidden beach discovery that will 100% make your trip one to remember. This half-mile strip of purple sand beach is believed to get its colour from the manganese garnet fragments of rocks on cliffs near the ocean. Surrounding the beach are dramatic cliffs, lush forests and stunning meadows.

Punalu'u Beach

Where: Hawaii, USA

Why should you go: Solid black beaches give it a very haunting like feeling, with the exception of the green sea turtles that frequent. Be careful because most times, the turtles end up in camouflage making it very hard against the dark beach to spot this. The beach boarders the deep blue ocean, and is lined by luscious greenery. It's a glorious sight that is a bucket list beach to visit.

Hot Water Beach

Where: Coromandel, New Zealand

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Why should you go: When we think of oceanic beaches, we expect cold waters, alas this beach is basically a giant hot tub- well only during the first two hours at the beginning and end of the low tides. The water flows beneath the sand, so dig yourself a whole, settle in and take in natures own spa like experience.

Xi Beach

Where: Kefalonia, Greece

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Why should you go: Known to many sun worshipers as the ultimate retreat. Most travelling to Greece, expect white sand beaches, but this striking beach has astonishing reddish orange sands, sharp white cliffs, and deep blue waters.

Glass Beach

Where: Fort Bragg, USA

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Why should you go: This very unique beach is located along the coast of California in Fort Bragg. Instead of finding regular sands and rocks on this beach, it has glass stones that incredibly stunning. They say it was Mother Nature correcting mankind's mistakes. Up until 1960 it was a dumping ground, but once the government banned this, the wave erosion weathered down the glass refuse. The smooth, glistening particles washed ashore and covered it to create this beach.

Hoshizuna no Hama

Where: Iriomote, Japan

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Why should you go: The ultimate hub for those who want to take on a snorkeling adventure. Translated, the name means "Star Sand Beach", is on the remote Okinawa seashore. The strangeness of this beach is that if you look close enough, each sand particle looks like a starfish!

Vik Beach

Where: Vik, Icleand


Why should you go: Though Iceland might not be the most realist winter escape for a beach getaway, this beach is 100% worth the visit. The clear waters crash against the interesting rock formations along the shores of the striking black sands of the beach.

Hyams Beach

Where: Jervis Bay, Australia

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Why should you go: So, this might not be a very strange beach per say, but it is in the Guinness World Records for having the world’s whitest sand. The water is also very sparkling and clear, making it a snorkeling haven.

Bowling Ball Beach

Where: California, USA

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Why should you go: This might not be the kind of beach you see many people sunbathing on, but it truly is strange in the best ways. True to its name, the rock formations look like giant bowling balls. Mother Nature worked hard on this one!

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