These Canadians Made Dumb Decisions On Vacation And Ended Up With Seriously Long Jail Sentences

Don't mess with foreign laws.
These Canadians Made Dumb Decisions On Vacation And Ended Up With Seriously Long Jail Sentences

Two 23-year-olds - a Canadian and a Brit - have made headlines all over the world today, following their decision to spray paint a 13th-century ancient wall in northern Thailand.

The two were arrested and charged with vandalizing registered ancient artifacts. They could face up to 10 years in prison as well as a hefty fine of one million baht, which translates into over $40,000 CAD for the Canadian girl involved in the crime, Brittney Lorretta Katherine Schneider.

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Schneider is not the only Canadian tourist to make dumb decisions on vacation and she probably won't be the last. Let's be very clear - getting wild on vacay and being just plain dumb are two different things. One will make you look back and laugh, the other could land you in serious lifetime trouble with the law.

As the following Canadian tourists can attest, what happens on vacation doesn't always stay there.

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The Hashish Smuggler

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A woman known as Marie-France was 25-years-old when she, her boyfriend and three-year-old son took a trip to Morocco. Through an acquaintance, they were offered money to smuggle hashish from the country back to Montreal.

They spent a week having a family vacation by the beach before it was time to get down to business. As you can probably guess, nothing went as planned. She and her boyfriend were arrested, her son was taken away by social services and she spent one year in a Morrocan jail.

The Cocaine Smuggler

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A free trip to Colombia and a promise of $2,000 turned into hell for a 34-year-old nurse known only as Lucie.

Through an acquaintance, she and a friend had agreed to go on a vacation to the country and upon returning home, swallow and smuggle a kilo of cocaine each into Canada. During a layover in Miami, they were detained by police. They were forced to ingest laxatives which ultimately led to them passing the drugs and get into deep sh*t - no pun intended.

They were charged with trafficking cocaine and Lucie spent five years in a Miami jail.

The Mountaintop Nudists

Canadians plead guilty to obscenity in Malaysia after stripping on mountain

June 12, 2015

If posing naked on a foreign mountaintop is something that appeals to you, you need to hear this.

Lindery and Danielle Petersen along with eight other hikers thought it would be a good idea to strip their clothes on top of one particular Malaysian mountaintop, which is viewed by residents as sacred.

When Malaysian authorities caught wind of it, the outcome was not pretty. They were charged with committing obscene acts in a public place. To top it all off, five days following their offence an earthquake struck near the mountain. It sent boulders flying down. which ultimately killed 18 climbers. Malaysian authorities blamed the tragedy on the Western tourists' actions.

They eventually spent three days in jail and were forced to pay almost $4,000 in fines before they were allowed to return home.

The "Cocaine Babes"

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This incredibly crazy story made international headlines in 2016. Now known as the "cocaine babes," two young Canadian women went on the trip of a lifetime, globetrotting glamorously around the world. For six weeks, they travelled around England, NYC, South America, Tahiti, and Australia. They documented every bikini-clad moment on Instagram, sailing on yachts and sipping champagne.

The flashy trip was supplied by their sugar daddy and it came at a price. The adventure was based around smuggling almost 100 kilos of cocaine into Australia.

The ladies and their sugar daddy were eventually caught. 24-year-old Melina Roberge was sentenced to eight years in prison while Isabelle Lagace was sentenced to 7 and a half years.

If there are any lessons to learn from these stories, here are a few. When you're drunken brain convinces you to vandalize a wall, make sure it isn't ancient. When a "friend" offers you a free vacation and money to smuggle drugs, don't do it. When a sacred mountaintop inspires you to strip your clothes off, try and contain yourself. #FacePalm.

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