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These Caramel Apple Mimosas Will Get You Drunk AF Before Noon

Did somebody say brunch?

Let's be real, brunch is always top priority. I mean come on, when are you not thinking about brunch? And what goes the best with brunch? Mimosas, duh.

There's something about summer that just makes you want to drown your lungs in that crisp orange bubbly juice. Now that its fall, you still feel the same way. But we've got something even better: Caramel Apple Mimosas. Yes, I repeat: CARAMEL APPLE MIMOSAS. The best part is, they're stupid easy to make.

Just when you thought the pinnacle of brunch was getting a mimosa, these caramel apple mimosas blow it out of the water. It's the perfect fall drink to go with the perfect Sunday afternoon brunch with the girls. So grab your ladies who brunch, and it's time to get drunk.

Oh and by the way, these make such a good dinner party drink around Christmas!


  • 2 Tbsp Caramel Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp Cinnamon Sugar
  • 1 Cup Apple Cider
  • 8 Oz. Salted Caramel Vodka
  • 1 Bottle Champagne
  • Thin Apple Slices (garnish)

Serves: 4


1. Rim champagne glasses with caramel sauce.

2. Then coat the caramel sauce rims with cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon sugar can be made by mixing together 1 tbsp of granulated sugar and 1 tbsp of ground cinnamon spice.

3. Pour about 2 parts salted caramel vodka into glasses.

4. Add 1 part apple cider.

5. Add 1 part champagne.

6. Add thin slices of apple to garnish the rim and TADA!

Original recipe from Delish

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