You Can Literally Get Gallons Of Drive-Thru Daiquiris At This Retro Louisiana Bar

It's worth the brain freeze.
These Drive-Thru Daiquiris In Louisiana Are A Step Above The Rest

Louisiana is known for their daiquris as much as their Hurricanes and even though the temps are dropping quickly, there's honestly never a bad time for a boozy smoothie. There are a handful of drive-thru daiquiris in Louisiana, but Frosty Express is a step above the rest with a huge variety of unique icy concoctions and super nostalgic vibes.

Frosty Express in Shreveport is a neon-lit diner-style daiquiri bar with all the '80s retro vibes. The sugary frozen rum drinks are addicting and even more so with these crazy cool concoctions like the Blueberry Thrill (blueberry schnapps, pineapple and rum) and the F.U.B.A.R (f**ked up beyond repair) with over 14 types of liquor!

There are literally over 25 varieties of frozen drinks that go beyond rum. The Sexy Lady mixes a Sex on the Beach with the Gold Margarita to include wildberry schnapps, cranberry, orange juice, 190, tequila, gran gala, lime and RSI.

Feel free to mix your own too. A small drink is only $5.75 and yes, you can get an entire gallon of anything you want for $29 (if a gallon isn't enough, try the three-gallon Hurricane at this NOLA bar).

If you're an LA native, you've probably had your fair share of daiquris but a lot of these daq bars hide the fact that they have a drive-thru.

Possibly because it's "barely legal." You may be scratching your head at the fact that you can actually get alcohol to-go, but it's totally a thing at Frosty Express and several other spots around Louisiana.

As long as the employees put a piece of tape over the lid to ensure it's a "closed container," you're legally allowed to have it in your car. Just don't break the seal until you get home. Of course, you can enjoy all the festive drinks inside too (but still, make sure you have a DD).

For more dope dranks in Louisiana, check out this spot that serves Bloody Marys topped with a whole fried crab. Speaking of seafood, you can get $5 sushi at this hidden spot that serves over 100 varieties of rolls.

Frosty Express

Price: $5-$30

Address: 3141 N Market Street, Shreveport, LA 71107

Why You Need To Go: Get buzzed with sweet frozen cocktails at this retro daq bar or take them to go at the drive-thru.

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