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8 Enchanting Castles That Actually Exist In Texas

Actual fairytales in the Lone Star State!
These Fairytale Castles In Texas Actually Exist & Are Magical

When talking about castles, geographical areas with lots of history usually come to mind such as England and France. Places like Texas usually aren't the first place we think of when it comes to the towering establishments. But don't count the Lone Star State out, there are actually plenty of fairytale castles to visit in Texas that look like they came straight out of a storybook! 

Falkenstein Castle

Location: Burnet, TX

What Makes It So Cool: It's a literal fairy tale castle located in the Texas Hill Country. This event venue is up setup high behind actual castle gates.


1892 Bishop's Palace

Location: Galveston, TX

What Makes It So Cool: This island castle looks straight-up magical. You can explore its old hallways with a tour, but watch out, you might see something spooky!


Chateau Cocomar

Location: Houston, TX

What Makes It So Cool: This wedding venue tucked away behind a forest in the middle of the suburbs is every child's fairytale dreams come true. It's mainly used as a wedding venue and we can see why, it's downright regal.


Newman's Castle

Location: Bellville, TX

What Makes It So Cool: This Medieval castle is decked out with turrets and an actual moat! Tours are available by reservation to this castle that looks like it could belong in England during the 1400s.


Chateau Bellevue 

Location: Austin, TX

What Makes It So Cool: This castle's French Romanesque style with huge balconies looks straight out of Romeo and Juliet. Which makes sense why it's now a popular wedding venue.


Austin County Jail Museum

Location: Austin, TX

What Makes It So Cool: This unique castle was an actual jail! It's one of the spookier castles in Texas because of it's dark history as an old home for inmates.


Pignataro Castle

Location: Santa Fe, TX

What Makes It So Cool: Not much is known of this mysterious castle. It's pretty run-down and eerie with lots of old stone sculptures scattered across its lawn.


The Castle At Rockwall

Location: Rockwall, TX

What Makes It So Cool: When picturing a classic castle, this place definitely fits the bill. It's a massive stone building with huge towers at every corner and sits on 10 sprawling manicured acres!


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