When you think of gardens, you might think of secret gardens or large botanical gardens. Whatever it is, they all are great spots to spend a cool day and even as nice date spots. These unique gardens in North Carolina to visit will bring you back in time and make you feel like you're in Europe when you travel around the grounds. 

Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, North Carolina will make you feel like you're in Europe circa 400 years ago. It is centered around Queen Elizabeth I and there are statues and architecture of the time period all around the gardens. 

Gardens back during her reign were created to entertain the Queen, and if you think about it, many massive gardens are still created for that purpose today. 

These gardens were created just yards away from where the 1580s Lost Colonists and Sir Walter Raleigh called home. The founders of the gardens, Mrs. Charles Cannon and Mrs. Inglis Fletcher, thought this spot would be perfect for visitors of the Outerbanks and as a tribute to the colonists. 

Today, you'll see an Elizabethan era with a touch of modern-day design throughout the property. Many of the statues and variety of rare plants have been donated to the gardens from all around the world. 

When you drive up to the gardens and begin walking up to the gates, you can't help but notice the stone doorways and huge iron gatehouse. Walking through the gatehouse there are many portraits hung of Queen Elizabeth and few spots to stop and learn about the gardens.

There are many shaded paths you can take once you are out roaming in the gardens that will lead you to many different plants. Some plants that are in bloom right now include Camellia sasanqua, Variegated Osmanthus, False Holly (Osmanthus) and Leopard Plant (Farfugium).

You'll eventually make it to the famous Queen Elizabeth statue and find a secret rose garden with dozens of roses, one of the best parts of the entire garden.

This garden is here to entertain all the visitors of the Outerbanks, but it's also here to educate and bring you back in time.

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Elizabethan Gardens 

Price: $9

Address: 1411 National Park Drive, Manteo, NC 27954

Why You Need To Go: This garden is different than the rest because it is centered around European times 400 years ago. There are many gardens around the property, including a secret rose garden.