The Most Haunted Spots In Georgia You Have To Road Trip To This Month

The best kind of road trip.
These Haunted Georgia Attractions Will Give You The Ultimate Scare

Whether you believe in paranormal activities or not, it is cool and interesting to visit some of the most active sites in your state. Georgia has so much history that you can find a real haunted attraction in almost every city. Depending on if you just want to go on a quick tour, or if you want to get the full experience and spend the night in a haunted hotel, Georgia has it all. These haunted Georgia attractions will give you the ultimate scare.

Roadtripping throughout Georgia this season is something that should be on your weekend/vacation bucket list because there are a ton of places you can explore that have some spooky haunts. We have found some of the most haunted spots in the entire state, and we are warning you, some of them are pretty twisted.

Oakland Cemetery

Price: Free

Address: 248 Oakland Ave, SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Why You Need To Go: Over 70,000 people are buried here which means there is going to be some paranormal activity.

Chickamauga Battlefield

Price: Free

Address: 3370 Lafayette Rd, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Why You Need To Go: This was a famous bloodshed battlefield and it is said that you can see figures of some soldiers almost every night. You might even hear a few gunshots or cries.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Price: Free!

Address: 200 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

Why You Need To Go: More than 700 individuals that were victims of Yellow Fever are buried here and has graves that have been there since 1750. There have been many nightly sightings of a woman crying and figures in the distance.

St. Simons Lighthouse

Price: $12

Address: 610 Beachview Dr, St Simons, GA 31522

Why You Need To Go: Not only will the lighthouse give you amazing views of the island and the ocean, but you might get a glimpse of the old lightkeeper that was murdered years ago, upkeeping his lighthouse.

The Olde Pink House

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: 23 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

Why You Need To Go: This is a popular, upscale restaurant for those who want a more intimate dining experience. The first owner of the house that passed in the 1800s is said to be seen in the restaurant and some Revolutionary War vets make their appearance every now and then.

Heritage Hall

Price: $10

Address: 277 South Main Street, Madison, Georgia 30650

Why You Need To Go: It was built in 1811 and is a unique mansion that still has time-period furniture and art that you can see when you take the tour. The ghost of Virginia Nisbet, who died during childbirth in the upstairs bedroom, often makes her presence known.

Kehoe House

Price: $200 / night

Address: 123 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 31401

Why You Need To Go: The Kehoe family lived in this house and many of the children died inside of it. This destination was turned into one of the most romantic hotels in the state and you might be able to hear them playing or laughing.