5 Hidden Spots In Madison Georgia You Can Discover This Summer

Discover charm, history and tons of fun.
5 Hidden Spots In Madison Georgia You Can Discover This Summer

Summer day trips with friends are always a blast, and with the season coming to a close, make sure you squeeze in some time to explore one of the most charming cities in the state. Less than an hour outside the city, Madison is a small town nestled between Atlanta and middle Georgia. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually so much to do there. From awesome antiques, to fresh farmers markets and one-of-a-kind spa experiences, these unique treasures in Madison will give you the perfect Georgia summer day-trip. 

Madison isn't necessarily top of mind when you think of towns in and around the city, but it is recognized for its historic beauty and antique aura. Many Atlantans at least know of the town and probably picture beautiful white antebellum homes when they hear its name. This historic district is definitely known for its southern, elegant structures as well as scenic brush that all fit together to form a picturesque "old south" landscape. 

These beautiful homes' current existence can be credited to William T. Sherman. He decided to let them stand when he burned down the rest of the surrounding areas at his March to Sea. Thanks, Will! The small town is in Morgan County and is home to about 3,500 residents. Madison was voted one of the most picturesque villages in the world by Budget Travel Magazine and is considered one of Georgia's Historic Heartland cities.  

Because of its welcoming charm, Madison has attracted Hollywood filmmakers. Production of popular teen drama, The Vampire Diaries, took place here, and A-list celebs like Tom Cruise and Jack Black have filmed movies like Mena and Goosebumps here too. So grab your besties, pile in the car and take a short road trip to partake in these five fun activities in Madison! For more fun day trips, check out these cheap roadtrips to south Georgia.

The Spa at James Madison Inn

Price: $5-$300

Address: 218 W Washington St, Madison, GA 30650

Why you need to go: The historic James Madison Inn offers unique spa treatments like a plant peel facial and Ayurvedic scalp massage based on ancient Indian rituals. Its the perfect way to pamper yourself after a day of exploring.


Perk Avenue Cafe and Coffee House

Price: $3-$12

Address: 111 W Jefferson St, Madison, GA 30650

Why you need to go: This gem of a coffee shop has been featured in the film industry and it offers one-of-a-kind coffee drinks like cinnamon Nutella coffee and an Almond Joy latte with toasted almonds, coconut and whipped cream. You can also get bottomless coffee for $3 at this Madison staple.


Unique Treasures of Madison Antique Shop

Price: $5-$100

Address: 1620 Athens Hwy, Madison, GA 30650

Why you need to go: There's something for everyone at this unique antique shop. It has everything from flea market items, antiques and hand-crafted goodies.


Farmview Market

Price: $5-$30

Address: 2610 Eatonton Rd, Madison, GA 30650

Why you need to go: Known for the its big green rooster sign, Farmview market is a massive market known for its upscale and gourmet foods that are sourced locally. You can get fresh meat from the butcher and things like all-natural skin care products from local vendors, crafty hand-made home decor, homeopathic oils, gift sets and even pet products.


Mint Julep's Kitchen

Price: $5-$35

Address: 231 Hancock St, Madison, GA 30650

Why you need to go: The 1800's industrial buggy factory turned restaurant has been featured on the offer hand-crafted cocktails and a dynamic menu of delicate southern dishes including Etouffee, shrimp and grits and duck breast.


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