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These Photos Of What Toronto Looked Like Over 200 Years Ago Versus Now Are Beyond Trippy (PHOTOS)

There was a time when downtown Toronto was nothing more than a few dirt roads with horse-drawn wagons and small brick houses. Which is insanely hard to imagine based on what it is today. But, these images from Toronto's historical archives have all the proof. 

Believe it or not, this is actually what Front Street looked like in 1804. You know, the same Front Street where Union Station, the Rogers Centre and ACC are right now. Over 200 years ago, Front Street was little more than a pebbly shore, populated with more trees than people.

Via Library and Archives of Canada

Here's what that same exact view looks like today.

Via Mike Clegg

Below is another image from the 1800s, of what would later become St. Lawrence Market. Below is the view from Front Street near the south end of Church Street in 1838, followed by a snapshot of what it looks like now. 

Via Library Archives of Canada

Via Google Maps

Next we have the Distillery District. This image dates back to 1834, and depicts the Toronto Steam Mills and Distillery where 28,000 gallons of whiskey were being produced and exported every year.

Today's Distillery District still preserves that historic feel, but now it's just filled with art galleries and expensive restaurants.

Via Library Archives of Canada

Via Google Maps

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