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These Photos Show Exactly How They Made Will Ferrell Look So Tall In 'Elf'

With Christmas being literally right around the corner, odds are good you've been watching your fair share of holiday classics! I know that when this time of year rolls around, one of my favourite Christmas movies to watch would have to be 'Elf'.

Although they didn't have it on Netflix this year (much to my disappointment), I still found ways to watch it. One thing I've never really put a lot of thought into while watching the movie was how exactly they made Will Ferrell appear so much taller than his co-stars. It just always seemed logical to me!

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For one Reddit user though, not knowing the answer was simply not sufficient. After doing some serious investigative research, he was able to find out exactly HOW filmmakers made Buddy the Elf look so giant in comparison to all the other elves in Santaland.

Via Behind The Scenes of Elf

The film technique used in this process is one called "forced perspective". Essentially, they put the elf, on a shelf. In order to make Ferrell appear taller than everyone else, he was standing on a platform, only from the waist up for most of the scenes shot in Santaland. A lot of people assumed that the film primarily used green screen and CGI effects, but that wasn't the case at all!

Here are some more shots that show exactly how the filming process for 'Elf' went down:

Via Behind The Scenes of Elf

Via Behind The Scenes of Elf

Next time you're watching the Christmas classic, see if you can figure out any of the forced perspective tricks used!