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These Springs In Northern Florida Are Something Out Of A Movie

If you are searching for clarity, look no further than the crystal clear Ginnie Springs oasis. Nestled in an oak forest, the spring’s aquamarine waters seriously pop alongside the gorgeous natural greenery. But what happens to those fabulous colors when our favorite spring trickles into the brown Santa Fe River? We did a little digging and found a colorful explosion that might just change the way you think about the springs in Northern Florida

The meeting point between Ginnie Springs and the Santa Fe River mixes two extreme colors to create an extraordinary rainbow fusion.

Depending on the strength of the sunlight, you can spot shades of burnt orange, yellow, turquoise, and even a golden brown that may make you feel like you’re swimming in a cup of whiskey. Who's ready to dive in? 

The best part is that you can explore this hot spot from a bunch of different angles since Ginnie Springs rents out a ton of cool water gear.

Hop on a paddleboard for $20 or sink into an inner tube for $6. Either way, you can glide down to a sight that is sure to make a splash. 

As you float around and soak up the sun, let the stunning views wash the stress of city life away. This is your moment to connect with nature. 

For the folks that want to take the party below the surface, you can rent full snorkeling gear for only $10 per day. This basically means that you can watch the colors mingle at literally a whole new level. 

Can you say, “somewhere under the rainbow?”

Grab your bae, your bestie, or your whole squad and immerse yourself in an underwater world

Make sure to also keep an eye on the park schedule, as the hours change a lot depending on the day of the week and time of year. 

Prices are pretty consistent though, with day passes for adults going at $14.02. This is a pretty sweet deal, considering that you’ll be able to absorb the views of a lifetime. 

Whether you are looking to dive into some gorgeous waters or spend a lazy afternoon floating them, Ginnie Springs is the perfect place to go make memories with your favorite peeps.

Ginnie Springs Meets The Santa Fe River

Price: $14

Address: 7300 Ginnie Springs Rd., High Springs, FL

Why You Need To Go: The unique burst of colors at the spring exit will make you feel like you're swimming in a rainbow. This is one of those unique bucket list experiences that you should try to hit with your bae, besties or fam.