These Surreal Winter Hot Springs Are A Hidden Paradise In Canada

A magical adventure!
These Surreal Winter Hot Springs Are A Hidden Paradise In Canada

During the winter months, Canada can get brutally cold. We have endless weeks filled with snow, ice, and frigid winds that make us want to stay indoors until the sunshine breaks through again in spring. But lucky for all of us, we've got some stunning hot springs across the country to warm up in during the coldest months of the year! 

One of the most surreal hot springs in Canada that everyone must add to their bucket list is Lussier Hot Springs on the border of BC and Alberta near Banff. It has the most epic views of the mountains and the hot springs sit on the side of a rushing river inside a lush forest! 

Lussier Hot Springs is located 5 hours from Calgary, 2 hours 45 mins from Banff, and 6.5 hours from Kelowna! You can find these stunning hot springs deep within the Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park with a series of pools varying in size where you can relax and unwind in nature, year round! 

You can easily drive down the 17 km road that leads into the park and close to the hot springs. Several turquoise hot springs are tucked within the sprawling mountains that are dusted with fluffy snow during the winter months. It's probably the most magical winter scene in all of Canada! 

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The pools are the perfect temperature for the chilly winter months with the hottest pool sitting at 43 degrees Celsius! There are also cold pools so you can switch back and forth for a natural Nordic spa experience. You can even hop over the rocks into the icy creek rushing past the hot springs to cool down even further! 

These hot springs are definitely worth travelling for, whether you already live on the west coast or you're planning a trip from the east coast! It's completely free for visitors to enter as well just make sure you have your winter tires on when you're visiting in the colder months.

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